Today is Day 13 of INSANITY (Shaun T’s Birthday Challenge) and it includes Cardio Abs.  

Since I have not reviewed Cardio Abs, I have decided I should!  Of course I had to get through Pure Cardio first.

Here is my warm up face (1-2-3 heisman) and awes...

Yep, that’s right, it is Day 4 of (Shaun T’s Birthday Challenge) INSANITY which means Cardio Recovery!

Holla!  Time to stretch!  My brain and body were thinking - ‘yay finally’.

  • Length: 33 minutes

  • Equipment: yoga mat (recommended)

There is no 'cardio’ inv...

Today is Day 5 of INSANITY (Shaun T’s Birthday Challenge) and Pure Cardio was on the schedule.

It is more like pure oh my goowowooaowowod.  I would compare this workout to almost 30 minutes of nonstop running.  Or maybe Shanita’s getting fired - just kidding!


Today is Day 3 of INSANITY and on the schedule was Cardio Power & Resistance.

I rolled out bed like a broken slinky.  For the record - I sat here for way too long trying to think of an animal to compare myself to and only came up with sloth, snake, and a few you do not...

Happy Tuesday! 

INSANITY Plyometric Cardio Circuit was on the schedule for today (Day 2) so I woke up early enough (around 7:40am) to complete it and shower before my daughter woke up.

  • Length: 40 minutes

  • Equipment: none

I have to admit, it was weird...

Today was the last day to enter Shaun T’s INSANITY (63 days) Birthday Challenge so I had to get the Fit Test done.  This is about a 30 minute disc that you spend a few minutes warming up and the rest performing the basic INSANITY moves as many times as you can....

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