I have arrived at Day 38 of INSANITY which meant Max Cardio Conditioningfor the first time.

I was sore this morning, but I was getting accustomed to it.  No pain, no gain right?  Actually, I know what INSANITY sore feels like - this was no surprise....

First of all, I am wearing one of my race shirts out of love for Boston.  My daughter is giving kisses.

Today is Day 37 of INSANITY which meant Max Interval Plyo was on the schedule.  My usual alarm went off:

I half fell, rolled, slithered out of bed.  It was l...

FIRST OF ALL: My heart goes out to the people involved with the Boston Marathon.  It makes me angry and sad to watch the news unravel to reveal the horrible explosions, deaths, and casualties.

This is such a large event for our country.  I am angry a...

To stay accountable with you (and for myself), I wanted to let you know that I finished Day 31 of INSANITY: Core, Cardio & Balance (the third day doing this workout during Recovery Week)!

My chalk board this week reads:

  • RECOVERY WEEK!  (NOT WEAK!)  It also has s...

Today is day 39 of INSANITY and Max Recovery was on the schedule.  I got up before my alarm (whaaaaaat) around 6:45am.  At first I was like, ‘Hey!  Recovery!  Yay!’  Then I was like, 'This is not a recovery - this is a slow-stretch-and-sweat your butt off workout’....

It is Day 29 of INSANITY - oh dayum(!) I am almost a month through the program - and I have reached the ‘Recovery Week’!  This is 6 days of Core Cardio & Balance and your regular 'OFF’ day on the 7th (Sundays for me).

Basically, this week is a mid-marker and s...

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