Focus T25: Alpha Stretch

Since I took a ‘rest’ day on the 4th (to run a 5K and climb an indoor wall), I actually did today’s workout on a Sunday! Therefore, let’s talk about Focus T25: Alpha Stretch.

  • Length: 25 minutes unless you count the Shakeology commercial and Shaun T awesome stretch music video intro at the beginning which makes it an extra minute or two.

  • Equipment needed: ‘Beachbody miniMAT’ (aka: yoga mat) but you could really go without one.

Apparently, this is not considered part of the '5 day’ program Focus T25 advertises but it is recommended to 'lengthen, stretch, recover the body’. Therefore, it is advised you do it on the 7th day (or, really, anytime you feel like you need it).

No modifier here (Tonia) because it is just stretching. Your own modifier depends on your flexibility. Breathing and stretching are key! :)


  • Alternating knee holds

  • Control knee hold

  • Alternating straight leg kick

  • Calf stretch

22:52 minute marker

  • Squat + hip flexor (L)

  • Hip flexor (L) + arms up

  • Squat + hip flexor (R)

  • Hip flexor hold (R)

  • Hip flexor (R) + arms up

'It’s just a 2 inch drop that’s gonna make the difference between a tight hip flexor and a loose hip flexor’.

That’s for sure. That’s when I smiled and dropped a little lower.

ALSO - I started sweating. Things were getting a little strenuous. I thought this was a stretch. Who am I kidding? There’s no real 'easy’ day with Shaun T.

19:55 minute marker

  • Lateral lunge (L)

  • Lateral lunge hold (L)

  • Center hold + touch floor

'Whenever you put any of your limbs on the floor - you wanna spread your limbs out. You want to get a very wide base of support.’

  • Lateral lunge (R)

  • Lateral lunge hold (R)

  • Center hold + touch floor

16:50 minute marker

  • Cradle knee hug (L)

  • Prayer hands (L)

  • Cradle knee hug (R)

  • Prayer hands (R) - these people are wobbling and falling out of the stance here and it is funny. In the photo on the left Scott is laughing at the other guy.

15:00 minute marker

  • Flat back V-hold

  • Torso twist

'You have three bases of support here. Left hand on the floor - fingers are wide. Both feet - toes are spread apart. Push into the floor - flex your quads.’

This stretch felt good.

13:18 minute marker

  • Cat-cow

  • Elbow squat hold - ahhhh yeah, feels fantastic but Tonia looks in pain this whole close-up.

  • Down dog + knee in (L)

  • Down dog + calf stretch (L)

  • Down dog + knee in (R)

The goal here is not to do a forward summer-sault. Just kidding. It works the abs too.

  • Down dog + calf stretch (R)

'Breathe through every single stretch’.

10:33 minute marker

  • Child’s pose

'Some people think this exercise a rest - uuuhhhmmhmmm - this is work.’

You can see a real 'child’s pose’ on the right. :) She has the right idea.

  • Table top + arm reach

  • Spider static stretch

7:50 minute marker

  • Low pigeon (L) - this reminds me of P90X! I always loved this stretch - it’s weird yet I can feel it.

  • “S” Torso (L)

'Create an ’s’… for Shaun T. Get it? …They laughin’ at me because I’m talkin’ in third person.’

  • “S” quad (L)

  • High pigeon (L)

  • Low pigeon (R)

'All of these moves the focus should be moving slowly, breathing, having control and just living in that moment. Again, this workout is like I could be jumping around. But more importantly it’s about really resting and recovering your body…

This is like the Shaun T Focus T25 medicine for you.’ Scott’s reaction:

  • “S” torso (R)

  • “S” quad (R)

Errrrmaggeeerrrrd my muscles are tight.

  • High pigeon (R)

3:35 minute marker

  • Bent knee hip-up

  • Hip up hold (hands clasped under bum)