Focus T25: Beta Core Cardio

August 4, 2013

I have made it through Alpha!!  Therefore, it is time for day: 36: Focus T25: Beta CORE CARDIO!


Rather than following the schedule, I am doing my own hybrid of Body Beast and Focus T25 (starting today).



  • Length: 25 minutes - unless you count the Shakeology commercial and Shaun T fancy intro at the beginning and cool down at the end and it is really about 30 minutes.  

  • Equipment needed: ‘Nada’ 

The music changes from Alpha - it’s about to get iiiiiiiiiiiintense (or weirdly 60s/70s style).  Tonia is, again, the modifier so follow her for the less intense moves.



  • Split lunge agility


  • Low switch kick

  • Double switch kick


  • High switch kick

‘This is beta so I’m goin’ a little bit harder on you and I want you to focus just a little harder’.

  • Static uppercut

  • Jack uppercut


22:00 minute marker

  • Hop fwd + back


  • Hop side + side

  • Alternating speed knee slow

'What did you focus on in Alpha?  Whenever that knee comes about the waist what do you do?  You tighten the core’.


  • Alternating speed knee fast


19:55 minute mark

  • Twisting “X” lunge

  • Twist “X” deep lunge

  • “X” lunge touch shin

  • “X” lunge + touch floor

Well these suck.


18:00 minute marker

  • Demi squat walk

  • Deep squat walk


  • Squat walk + touch floor


  • Air plank jump

15:48 minute marker - working the core

  • “T” twist front pulse - apparently Susan was a ballet dancer (the girl in red spandex) which explains her form.

Honestly - around this point - I had to take a few breather breaks.


  • “T” twist lunge pulse (L)

  • “T” twist lunge pulse (R)



This is feeling like leg day to me.  Love this quote:


'I’m lookin’ at you.  You stay there.  I know it burns and it’s about to get a little bit tougher.  But this I where the focus comes in.  I love what I do and I love to inspire you and I love when you feel pain because I know you’re gonna look in the mirror tomorrow and you’re gonna feel absolutely amazing.’

  • Rotating “T” twist

This is a weird one and I think I tore up the carpet in my workout room a little bit.  Hardwood might be beneficial for this twisting move.


13:46 minute marker: Burnout 1

  • Alternating speed knee fast

  • “X” lunge + touch floor


'If you’re like - Shaun I’m tired - well guess what?  It’s only 25 minutes and that’s why I call it a burnout’.

  • Air plank jump


  • Rotating “T” Twist

11:56 minute marker

  • High jump in place - hey hey!  This reminded me of an INSANITY move.  The hubby is pretty impressed with the hair movement he captured in this photo.


  • Control hop side + side

  • Double hop rotation

'If your inner thighs aren’t burnin’ during this abductor movement then there’s a problem goin’ on, okay?’

  •  Single hop rotation


9:51 minute marker

  • Hammer kick (L)


  • Speed kick (L) - I love that he warns you with an 'I’m about to show you what cardio’s all about’.

  • Hammer kick (R)


  • Speed kick (R)

  • Shuffle feet - I LOVE when he bends down to camera level (on the feet) to tell you what to do.  'Try to keep up with my hands’.


  • Shuffle  + hop up + back - 'up back go’ … ’ UP.  BACK’.

  • Shuffle + squat


  • Shuffle + burpee - WHAT?  'BURPEE!’

 I took a few breaths.  I am not ashamed.  Sweat was in my eyes.


6:00 minute marker

  • Plank tap feet out + in

  • Plank tap arms out + in - Scott is sweating up a storm.


  • Plank diagonal tap



  • Plank diagonal lift



3:50 minute marker: Burnout 2

  • Single hop rotation

  • Speed kick (L)

  • Speed kick (R)


  • Shuffle + burpee - Shaun shuffles backwards to Tonia and it is hilarious.  Dude is a monster.  :)  I am sweating tears.

  • Plank diagonal lift



Then, Shaun does a little pep talk into the camera….


1:49 minute marker

  • Floor sprints

  • Running spider lunge - Oh. My. Gosh.  Is it over yet?


1:00 minute marker

  • Body sprint

'There’s a difference between a sprint and a body sprint.  In a body sprint I’m askin’ you to move the arms and the legs forward and back’.

  • Full body run



THEN…. this happens. :)


Cool down/Active stretching (2:30 minutes)


This should look familiar - it’s the same as in Alpha.  I was so sweaty some of the moves (prayer) were hard to hold.  Ew gross.

  • Alternating knee lifts

  • Holding knee lifts

  • Alternating quad lifts

  • Holding quad lifts

  • Alternating prayer stretch

  • Hold prayer stretch

  • Round/release back


  • Hands to floor - roll up slowly

Final thoughts:

  • Things are orange rather than yellow - that’s worth mentioning.  Orange means you’re MOVING ON BABY!

  • My legs were burning.  Holy moly.  I was sweating all over the place.  By the time I took my HR monitor off, I burnt around 400 calories.


  • I also did Body Beast Bulk: Chest beforehand, so I burned about 270 calories with it.  My thought during this workout: DUMBBELLS Y U SO HEAVY?!  Notice my quick-change set up?  Haha.



  • I think I am going to hear 'BURPEE’ in my sleep.

  • Scott (Shaun’s hubby) is in this video as well (I am thinking he will be in all of them) and is super neon-cute as always.  I think I have a crush on their love story.


  • The following are two of my favorite sequences during our 'photo shoot’.