Focus T25: Beta Dynamic Core

So, my hybrid has me doing this tomorrow but I moved it to today so I could get it reviewed and posted and I am moving my rest day to Sunday since I am running in the Susan G. Komen race!

Therefore, this would technically be considered day: 39: Focus T25: Beta DYNAMIC CORE!

Let’s do this!

  • Length: 25 minutes unless you count the Shakeology commercial, Shaun T weight lifting intro at the beginning and cool down at the end then it is really 30 minutes.

  • Equipment needed: miniMAT (aka: yoga mat - optional)

‘Trust and believe that you’re gonna work your core like never before’.

Tonia, like always, is the modifier for the workout so you can watch her for the low impact moves.


  • Split lunge agility

  • Low switch kick

  • Double switch kick

  • High switch kick - the first time I saw the blond girl’s outfit I thought of a Carebear or Rainbow Brite. I was jealous.

  • Static uppercut

  • Jack uppercut - 'Whenever you’re punching in T25 the energy comes from the core’.

By this time I was thinking - man this is a lot of standing up cardio work for a core workout…. :)

22:10 minute marker:

  • Twisting “T” abs - Oh no the carpet ripper-upper move!! I was contemplating putting down my daughter’s old foam letter mat just to do this.

  • Twisting “T” abs lower

  • Speed knee kick (L)

  • Hammer kick (R)

  • Speed knee kick (R)

  • Hammer kick (L)

Alright, I am still standing. Thus, the 'dynamic’. I get it. :)

19:30 minute marker:

  • Sprint + table top

  • Crisscross + half-tuck jump

  • Shuffle + sprint kick

I like when he pretends to punch her in the stomach as she 'runs by’.

  • Connecting deep squat - This is weird, yet, effective for the legs and core.

15:15 minute marker:

Time to get to the ground!

  • Torso lift

  • Alternating straight leg scissor - these are hard and I hate them but they are great for the core!

  • Hip up + reverse crunch - try not to pull your neck! :)

  • Butterfly leg lift (L) - at first I was thinking - whaaaaaaat? Then I figured it out.

  • Butterfly leg lift (R) - 'If your hands are anywhere near your butt… mhmm no.’

I am going to admit - there were a few time I was holding my leg up with my arm. :D

  • Seated knee crossover (L)

  • Seated knee crossover (R) - 'I don’t condone breaks in T25 but I condone safety, okay, so if your focus is good you know what fits where.’

  • Bicycle abs + “V” hold - OH MY GOODNESS!!!

This guy has a rough time. I felt his pain, however.

9:17 minute marker:

  • Hands to feet + reverse crunch

  • Side plank (L)

  • Superman (L)

  • Walking pike-up (L)

  • Rocketman (L) - I love this move.

  • Side plank hip-up (L)

  • Side plank (R)

  • Superman pulse (R)

  • Full pike-up (R) - ermaaaagerrrrdddd hate this move but the core loves it!

  • Rocketman pulse (R)

This guy is sweaty. I was too.

  • Side plank hip-up (R)

  • Side plank up + over (L) - 'tap forward, tap back’.

  • Side plank up + over (R)

Around this time I was exhausted and Shaun kept talking about killing me with the last move…

1:06 minute marker

  • Plank walk + squat pyramid

Finally, after that evil move of 6 total, this happens:

Cool down/Active stretching (3:30):

  • Inhale/exhale arms

  • Interlock fingers - palms out - round back

  • Roll down to ground - hands to floor

  • Fingers interlocked behind back - slowly roll up

  • Hip flexor stretch - I normally stretch with this face, of course. Or maybe, this is my 'it’s over I did it’ face!