Focus T25: Beta Upper Focus

Today I did Focus T25: Beta UPPER FOCUS (which would be day 40 on the Focus calendar).

I decided this was a good day to work my upper body since I did not have a Body Beast workout on this day and it was two days before my 5K. If you are following my hybrid - you may also be doing Dynamic Core with this one!

  • Length: 25 minutes unless you count the Shakeology commercial, Shaun T weight lifting intro at the beginning and cool down at the end then it is really 30 minutes.

  • Equipment needed: Dumbbells or Resistance Bands + miniMAT (optional)

When I saw Shaun T in pants for the first time I was perplexed. I reminded myself that this was ‘upper focus’ but still, pants get in my way. He does wear some cool neon green shoes.

Tonia is the modifier like always - follow her for low impact moves! Hey hey! Girls in the front.


  • Split lunge agility

  • Low switch kick

  • Double switch kick

  • High switch kick

  • Static uppercut - FLEX the biceps!

  • Jack uppercut

21:45 minute marker:

  • Plank hold

  • Starter drill + burpee

  • Basic push-up - I did a few on my knees.

  • Starter drill + push-up - ERMAGERDNESS!!

  • Chest opener

  • Chest opener + jump

Welp, my upper body is burning.

18:43 minute marker:

  • Shoulder press - You will see that I used 12lb dumbbells for this workout.

  • Arnold press

  • Alternating front raise

  • Dual side raise - 'Keep goin’ cuz I’m about to burn you out!’ Heavvvvvvy.

Shaun tells you not to throw the weights - as I am throwing them down to the side. :-/ Trying to keep up here Shaun but he had a good point.

  • Sprint + jab punch - get that HR up!

15:45 minute marker:

  • Single arm fly (L) - Well this takes a lot of control.

  • Single arm fly (R)

  • Dual am fly - I felt like I should be doing this on a ball like in Body Beast.

  • Dual arm fly + “V” leg hold

  • Straight arm double jack

  • Double jack + alternating toe tap

12:18 minute marker

  • Sumo alternating row

  • Sumo double row

  • Sumo hip thrust

  • Sumo upright row - Love seeing my deltoids during this! :)

  • Shuffle + heisman

  • Shuffle + heisman turn

9:15 minute marker:

  • 90 degrees hold bicep curl (L)

  • 90 degrees hold bicep curl (R)

  • Dual bicep curl - ALRIGHT, my biceps are burning.

  • Reciprocating bicep curl

  • Single arm jab (L) - do not move anything but your arm.

  • Single arm jab (R)

  • Bent knee hip-up

  • Bent knee tricep dip

  • Straight leg hip-up hold

  • Straight leg hip-up

  • Shuffle + half-tuck jump

3:05 minute marker:

  • Side plank up + over (L) - If you are tired, you just have to keep pushing yourself because these do not last forever.

  • Side plank up + over (R)

2:05 minute marker:

  • Alternating shoulder press

  • Alternating bicep curl

My daughter decided to bring me the lamp shade (that I removed for lighting). That’s helpful.

  • Basic push-up

  • Hip-up + “V” hold


Cool down/Active stretching (3:25 minutes):

  • Inhale arms up - interlock - stretch to sides

  • Arms to front - try to pull apart

  • Tricep stretch behind head

  • Arm circles

  • Interlock fingers - palm out

  • Arm across tricep stretch

  • Bicep stretch

  • Interlock fingers behind back - push knuckles to floor

How cute is she?

  • Neck stretches - This felt amazing and made me think I should go do some yoga.

  • Inhale arms out - exhale down

Final Thoughts:

  • Scott (the hubby) is in this video like always! He gets a really intense workout and he struggles through this one a bit.

  • I burned around 300 calories with this workout - which is not the highest for the Beta workouts but it worked my upper body well. You can click the photo for Garmin Connect (HR/calories) details.

  • As opposed to INSANITY’s lack of weights, this workout (and Rip’t Circuit) uses dumbbells/resistance band! I love that Shaun has integrated this into the program. I do not plan to stop lifting heavy (Body Beast) but I respect this workout as one for someone who should be doing resistance training and/or is just starting/beginner.

  • Remember to keep your core tight!

  • This one does not have a 'burnout’ which was exciting. ;) However, this one did not burn as many calories as I am used to with Shaun T so I had a hard time talking myself out of doing another cardio workout (I did not have the time and my body told me it needed to stop).