Focus T25: Gamma Extreme Circuit

September 1, 2013

Today’s review is on Focus T25 Gamma: Extreme Circuit, the third disc in the four disc program!



  • Length: 25 minutes unless you count the Shakeology commercial and Shaun T kablam intro at the beginning and cool down at the end and it is really 30 minutes.  

  • Equipment needed: Dumbbells or Resistance Bands, miniMAT(optional), chin-up bar (optional)

So, my first thought was: Why is Shaun T wearing a hoodie (no sleeves) and no one else had a shirt on?  Granted, it is a cute T25 gray one and says ‘COACH’ on the back.


Andy uses the bands (as always), Scott uses the chin-up bar again, and Tania is the gal to follow for modified moves.  You have a lot of choices in Gamma.


You can use any weight dumbbell that you want but I recommend 8-15 pounds.  I tried using 12 pound dumbbells but had to toss them and grab my 8 pounds.

  • Alt. Heel Tap - with weights in hand - holy crud 12 pounds was heavy.


  • Upright Row


  • Dual Shoulder Press


  • Alt. Knee Crunch


21:00 minute marker: Burnout 1

You repeat each move at 15 seconds each!

  • Alt. Heel Tap

  • Upright Row


  • Dual Shoulder Press

  • Alt. Knee Crunch

20:00 minute marker

  • Alt. Front Kick 90 Degree Hold


  • Dual Hammer Curl


  • Hammer Curl + Squat

  • 90 Degree Straight Leg Hold (L) - WHA THE HECK!  OH my goodness.

  • 90 Degree Straight Leg Hold (R)


16:00 minute marker: Burnout 2

  • Alt. Front Kick 90 Degree Hold


  • Dual Hammer Curl

  • Hammer Curl + Squat


  • Alt. Straight Leg Kick


15:00 minute marker

  •  Weighted Burpee - with dumbbells, band, or chin-up bar.  Baahhhh burpees.


  •  Tricep Push-Up - dumbbells in a triangle position.  This is not the easiest move!  I won’t lie to you - some of these were done on my knees.


  • Weighted Squat


  • Plank Crunch - hold your abs tight!


11:00 minute marker: Burnout 3

  • Weighted Burpee


  • Tricep Push-Up


  • Weight Squat


  • Plank Crunch


9:55 minute marker

  • Elbow Mountain Climber - on the mat or at the chin-up bar.  Poor Andy is tired and Scott looks exhausted.  The blonde girl gives Shaun T 'looks’.


  •  Burpee + Front Kick - you have to drag yourself off the ground and do kicks at this point.. repetitively.


  • Recip. Bicep Curl (L)


  • Recip. Bicep Curl (R)

  • Plank Walk + Spider Lunge


 6:00 minute marker: Burnout 4

  • Elbow Mountain Climber - in spirit of Shaun’s hoodie…


  • Burpee + Front Kick

  • Recip. Bicep Curl


  • Plank Walk + Spider Lunge - this eventually turned into a stretch for me because I was slower than those in the video.


4:56 minute marker

  • Wide Fly + Hip Thrust


  • Shoulder Press Twist - MAN.  If I had heavier weights I would be dropping them.


  • Walking Ski Abs - things just got INSANITY-stupid.


  • Dead Lift + Hammer Curl


1:00 minute marker: Burnout 5

  • Wide Fly + Hip Thrust - I make weird faces when I do flyes - you do too, admit it.



  • Shoulder Press + Twist


  • Walking Ski Abs


  • Dead Lift + Hammer Curl