Focus T25: Gamma Rip't Up

Next up in the Focus T25 Gamma round is Rip’t Up!

Let’s hop to it! Er, well, let’s curl to it. By the way - anything named ‘Rip’t Up’ is pretty scary, right?

  • Length: 25 minutes unless you count the Shakeology commercial and Shaun T kablam intro at the beginning and cool down at the end and it is really 30 minutes.

  • Equipment needed: Dumbbells or Resistance Bands, miniMAT (optional), chin-up bar (optional)

This reminded me of Beta: Rip’t Circuit (obviously) but is more intense. As always, follow Tania for the modified movies.

You can use any size dumbbell you want but I recommend 8-15 pounds. I used 12 pound dumbbells and, in some instances, 8 pounds.

First, you warm up:

  • Split Lunge Agility

  • Low Switch Kick

  • Double Switch Kick

  • High Switch Kick

  • Static Uppercut

  • Jack Uppercut

If you can’t tell already - I love the uppercuts….and I’m sweating.

22:10 minute marker: weights

  • Wide Row - this is where you can choose dumbbells or the chin-up bar.

  • Single Arm Row (L)

  • Single Arm Row (R)

  • Straight Arm Fly - use light weights or the chin-up bar.

  • Lat Pulldown

  • Recip. Hammer Curl

  • Tricep Kickback Palms Up - 12 pounds is a LITTLE too heavy here.

  • Tricep Kickback Palms Down - and here.

  • Recip. Wide Curl

  • Single Leg (L) Shoulder Press - ignore my mother in the mirror :)

  • Single Leg (R) Shoulder Press

17:13 minute marker: fast floor to arm work

  • 4-Count Push-Up - my daughter is sweeping underneath me. These are so slow I did some on my knees.

  • Upright Row

  • 2-Count Push-Ups

  • 90 Degree Shimmy Up - OH MY GOSH?!

  • 90 Degree Shoulder Shrug - these people are dyin’. As am I… but my daughter is sweeping the walls, don’t worry.

  • Basic Shoulder Shrug - LOVE the shrugs.

  • Standing Rocketman

  • Recip. Lawnmower

  • Deadlift + Knee Raise (L) - Shaun’s loving’ the deadlifts - GOOD!

  • Deadlift + Knee Raise (R))

  • Deadlift + Shoulder Shrug - GO TRI GO!

11:45 minute marker: to the ground

  • Recip. Push Press

  • Dual Push Press + Knees 90 Degrees - talk about one way to make sure you keep you kegs up…

  • Recip. Push Press + 6" Hold - my daughter decided to make these even harder on me during the photos.

  • Dual Push Press + Scissor Legs - by this time I have said a few chosen cuss words.

9:35 minute maker: Down Dog work

  • Down Dog + Plank

  • Down Dog + Alt. Leg Plank

  • Down Dog + Alt. Leg Push-Up - I was laughing in absurdity during this because I was so worn out. I took a few breaths on my knees.

  • Down Dog + Oblique Push-Up

7:44 minute marker: standing cardio work

  • High Hook - my daughter is apparently getting taller and figured out she can’t just walk through my legs anymore.

  • Low Hook + Squat Hold

  • Low Jack Uppercut

  • Crossdown Punch Jack

5:42 minute marker: down to the mat

  • Superman Pulse