INSANITY Max 30: Ab Attack

January 20, 2015

AND I’M BACK!  I apologize for the delay in posts - my daughter and I have been sick with strep/flu/sinus infections.  Yes, all three - for a week.

ANYWAYS, I decided to review INSANITY Max 30: Ab Attack since it was not AS demanding as the alternatives!  :)


You can find my commentary video immediately following this workout here.


Total Time: 10 minutes 
Equipment: none (unless you want a mat)


You get right into this - so be ready - and be sitting in the C-sit position.  AND YOU NEVER STAND UP during this workout.  ;)

  • Floor Tuck Jumps - in the C-sit position, you bring your knees up and tap them with your hands and tap your heels back down.  Repeat.



I won’t lie - I was about done after the first minute.  Bahahahha.

  • Low Plank Side Punch - in the plank position, you punch left and right (while looking at your hand that is punching).



I love when Shaun T says you’re about done - then he says, ’I lied - you still got 15 seconds to go.’

I chuckled.  HA YOU ARE SO FUNNY.



  • Knee Punch Extensions - start in the C-sit position, and then lay on the floor but keep the heels off the ground and extend your arms overhead.  Repeat.



Shaun T thinks her ‘abs feel good’:


I think mine feel like this is horrible and sitting up the last time was like a balancing act.

  • Reciprocating Knee - in the plank position, alternate tapping your knees down.



Okay, okay, I got this.


  • Switch Kick Abs - on your back, kick heel straight up and punch the alternating arm - repeat the other side.



Okay, okay, these still suck.


One of my favorite quotes:

'I don’t care what kind of abs you got - FAT abs, TIGHT abs, maybe your abs aren’t even there yet….I’ll accept any time of abs that come into my gym’.

  • Plank Toe Taps - in the high plank position, you tap the opposite toe with your hand and then alternate.



Don’t. Fall. Over.


  • Ab Sprint - UGH!  In the C-sit position, you alterate bringing your knees in (do not touch the ground) and 'sprinting’ your arms while keeping a 90 degree angle in your elbow.

Poor Darren:



Poor me.  YOU GOT THIS.


  • Tricep Push-Up Extension - do a tricep pushup and then lay on your belly and extend your arms up and heels up.  Repeat.

'Up Down Extend’.



And we’re flying!


  • Floor Ab Attack - in the C-sit position, keep your heels off the ground and extend the arms straight out with open hands.

Cynthia is crazy fast:





  • Drum 'V’ - oh yeah, this is where he loses everyone including myself.  RIGHT AFTER THE LAST MOVE, straighten your legs out and shape your body into a 'v’ - drum (punch) on your abs.





THEN YOU ARE DONE.  Like everyone else, I was flat on the ground:



There is not a cool down, but you get a reminder:



Thanks Shaun T.


My Final Thoughts:

  • Shaun T is right, 'sometimes Sarah likes to get out of control.  But I’m gonna put her in control.'  She is a bit nuts - but props to her!  She must have drank a Red Bull before shooting this workout. 


  • Here is your usual modifier (if not Scott):


  • Garmin Connect indicates that I burned around 86 calories - which is not really important because I was below my zone 1 almost the entire time.  This is a core workout - not a high heart rate workout.



  • Remember, you can find my commentary video immediately following this workout here.

Overall, this is a 10 minute core workout that keeps you moving and your core burning with creative moves.  Try it - it is only ten minutes!

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