INSANITY MAX 30: Cardio Challenge

Here we go! It is time for me to start my reviews of INSANITY Max 30! Are you excited? I am excited. Welcome back to SHAUN T baby! I apologize for the iPhone photos - it was the best I had at the moment.

Here is my INSANITY Max 30: Cardio Challenge review!

Total Time: 30 minutes (plus 2 minutes for the cool down) Equipment: none

You apparently use this workout as your Fit Test throughout the entire program.


If you know Shaun T at all, you know the warm-up is not just running around. You’re in it from the start and I began laughing from the start because I knew what was about to happen.

You do this twice and each round takes 2:30.

  • Chest Open Jack - arms up and they open and close as your feet go in out and out. Keep your elbows up and ‘take off like an airplane’. :) Think of it like a jumping chest fly.

  • Jack Uppercut - feet open and close as you alternate arms with uppercuts. 'Use your core, push up, make sure you’re up there’. These should seem familiar.

  • 1-2-3 Knee - two steps left with a knee raise and touch, 2 steps the other way, opposite knee raise touch. Remember to reach back with the straight arm.

  • Cross Jack - feet open and cross as you alternate arms overhead. This should seems familiar since it is in INSANITY. The modifier is the girl with the blue shorts in the front to the left of Shaun T.

  • High Knee Jab - alternating arms with a front jab while doing high knees (alternating knees). Of course we cannot just do high knees. No way.

DO IT ALL AGAIN for the second round.

Around 5 minutes, you do 'an active stretch’. AKA: water break for 30 seconds. I splashed some water in my face (down my chest). I was just happy I hadn’t 'maxed out’ yet. Water break? Shaun T? HAHAHAH.

Shaun T does not mess around - hurry up - I don’t know how he talks the entire time.

Circuit 1 (they mirror the leg and arm sides for you):

  • Squat Kick Right - squat and then kick your right leg up, repeat. This is a jumping move the entire time - the modifier does it without jumping.

  • Pike-up Spider Right - do a pike up (straight legs, feet in and butt in the air) and then immediately bring your right leg forward next to your arm for a spider - directly back into the pike, repeat. Remember to go back to the PIKE not the pushup position.

  • 10 & 2 - what and what? Okay - elbows into the side and jump left to right like you are a plyometric clock. Jump on the balls of your feet and keep your core tight. This is somewhat of a recovery but keep your core tight or it’s too easy.

Swish, swash, swish, swash…

REPEAT THE CIRCUIT AGAIN but with the opposite leg.

This is what happens when you need a break/max out. You write it on the (shame board - just kidding) chalk board:

Around 10 minutes you get a 'water break’.

Circuit 2:

  • Medicine Ball Twist - at first I was thinking WHAT? Then, I figured it out. Twist left to right (while jumping your feet in and out) while keeping your core tight and pretending to hold a giant medicine ball.

This looks like a dance move, ignore that:

  • Plank Jack + In & Out - in a plank position - jump your feet open and back together, bring your knees in and then back out. Repeat. This should look familiar - it is in INSANITY.

  • 4 Jab + 4 High Knee - four jabs alternating arms and four alternating knee raises (with a twist). Eventually, on the last round, these got so fast I had to scream out the counts and flail.

This took about 2 minutes. DO IT ALL AGAIN.

DO IT FOR A THIRD TIME. 'Third time through in this circuit is where you really max out.’

Around 15 minutes, you get another water break. This is halfway.


Circuit 3:

  • Plyo Power Knee Right - bring the right knee up to your hands WHILE the supporting leg hops.

  • Scissor Stance Jack - touch the opposite leg, jump and cross your feet, land back down and touch the opposite foot. Repeat. 'You gotta go down to go up.’ Oh Shaun, you’re so cute.

  • Shoulder Tap + In & Out - you alternate touching your shoulder as your legs jump in and out. Shaun and I both have issues not taking a break during this move. THESE ARE THE WORST!

REPEAT IT AGAIN with the other leg.

Around the same time Shaun went to write his name on the board (17 minutes) is when I took a 2-3 breath break. Therefore, you can consider my Maxed out 17 minutes.

Then he was 'back b*tches’.

REPEAT IT A THIRD TIME - alternating legs.

For the love of….ugh.

'Think about that move that you’re like - Shaun T - I hate this. AND THAT’S THE ONE YOU ATTACK’.

Hey SHAUN T - I hate this one!

Around 20 minutes into it, you get another water break. Not 'a coffee break’.

Circuit 4:

  • Slap Back Jack - arms down - touch your fingertips in front and behind while your feet jump in and out.