INSANITY Max 30: Pulse

Here is my INSANITY Max 30: Pulse Review! This one is about ‘maxing out form’ and getting ready for the next workouts. It is not insane and fast like the others, but it is still a workout.

I did this one while I had strep throat and flu, barefoot, and with wet hair for the photos. You can find my commentary after doing the workout on my YouTube here.

Total Time: 20 minutes Equipment: none

I like his intro:

'This is your Pulse Workout. This is your time to recover and take it easy. But my name is Shaun T - so it’s not gonna be that easy’.


  • Chest Open Knee - alternate knee ups as you open and close your arms (keeping your elbows up).

  • Back Lunge Fly - instead of bringing the knees up, lunge them back and fly your straight arms forward and together.

  • Lateral Lunge - lunge side to side with your hands on your knees.

  • Downdog Spider - start in Downward Dog and then spider your foot up to your shoulder, repeat but alternate legs.

Here we go!

  • Squat Pencil - heheh, what? Start in a squat, then bring your hands down and kick your flexed foot forward. Alternate legs.


  • Calf Stretch - left foot forward, reach for the toe, then switch legs. Then, bring your legs to gather and reach for the ground.

  • Lunge Pulse Right - with the right leg forward, pulse the lunge.

  • Lunge Pulse Left - with the left leg forward, pulse the lunge.


  • Quad Stretch - alternate bringing the leg back and opposite hand to the opposite shoulder.

He’s right, touching the opposite shoulder does help your balance.

  • Runner Stance Pulse Right - with the right leg back, you pulse in the runner stance without falling over.

  • Runner Stance Pulse Leg - left leg back, pulse the runner stance.


  • Hip Opener Stretch - with the toes slightly turned outward, stretch left to right and slightly drop your shoulder in the middle.

  • Plie Pulse - with the arms straight out, feet out and toes turned out, pulse up and down.

Just imagine me back a little bit more with my torso:


  • Hamstring Stretch - touch the toe side to side with the legs straight. This is nice, especially since hamstring and glute day was yesterday.

  • Plank Lat Pulldown - in the plank position, you reach the left arm forward - palm over butt - back forward and down. Switch arms.


  • Child’s Pose + Cobra - start in Child’s Pose and then move into Cobra. You do this twice. I CAN HANDLE THIS.

  • Plank Walk + Shoulder Tap - start in a plank and move left to right, tap opposite arms to opposite shoulders, repeat. This may be one of the most difficult moves in the video (cardio-wise).


  • Chest Stretch - interlock the fingers behind your back, on your knees, and open up your chest. Bring the hands in front, press them out, reach up and open up.

  • Bear Crawl Walk Out - walk forward four counts, bring the feet up to the hands and jump back out, walk hands back to feet, stand up + arms up - back down and repeat.


  • Chest Open Stretch - with elbows together, you open them up to stretch the chest.

  • Reciprocating Knee - in the plank position, you alternate knee drops to the floor.


  • Downdog + Plank - push back into a Downward Dog and back into a plank. Repeat.

This is apparently the time to go get a mat for core work if you want one. Since when do we need mats? Lay in your sweat. :)

  • Switch Kick Abs - push your back to the floor and alternate legs up while punching alternating arms up.


  • Back Stretch - in C-sit position and grabbing under the knees, you round into a C by curving the back.

  • Crunch Extension - from the C-sit you fall back with arms reaching overhead and then sit up in to the C-sit.

It is a pain to keep your feet off the ground the entire time. Try it.