Focus T25: Alpha Cardio

It’s here, it’s here! Yesterday evening, the lovely mailman delivered Shaun T’s Focus T25 that I ordered last week. I had been tracking the shipment like a hawk and it was actually delivered on a Saturday!

You can tell who else was excited. :) Or maybe she thinks all presents are for her. Toddler mentality. That’s fine I have it too.

Aside from the Alpha and Beta workout DVDs it came with:

  • Quick-Start Guide

  • Get It Done Nutrition Guide (clever because the meals are 5 ingredients and have 5 minute prep time)

  • ALPHA-BETA Workout Calendars

  • Stretch Workout (considered a ‘free’ workout and falls on the 7th day)

  • 5-Day Fast Track (instructions for eating to lose the pounds in the first 5 days - I shall not follow)

  • B-LINES® Resistance Band (15 lb.)

  • Core Speed (another 'free’ workout)

You can purchase the Gamma package as well (which I figured out after receiving this) which is the third phase of the program and the hardest. SNEAKY selling, right? I promise - I will review this.

I cannot keep a certain little someone out of my photos. She sees my camera and poses. :)

I laughed when I saw the calendar. You have the choice to check mark 'NAILED IT’ (which the shirt says on the back when you earn it) or 'BARELY MADE IT’ for each day’s workout.

Cute Shaun T.

Just in case you need the schedule somewhere else or to travel with - it is in the middle of the Alpha and Beta DVDs (notice you flip the box over to get to the next 'cycle’).

Let’s hop to it! For a 25 minute cardio workout this is the longest review I have done (as far as moves and photos)! Stay with me! For the quick version - scroll down to the 'Final Thoughts’.

Focus T25: Alpha Cardio.

  • Length: 25 minutes unless you count the Shakeology commercial and Shaun T kablam intro at the beginning and cool down at the end and it is really 30 minutes. Either way - you got time for dis!

  • Equipment needed: 'Nada’

This is 25 minutes of cardio. Or, as Shaun T says,

'You’re gonna work the heart rate and you’re gonna get extremely fit’.

Tania is the 'modifier’ and if you want to take it a little slower/less impact you should mimic her moves. It has two burnouts that last about 2 minutes each in which you move faster, push harder, and curse Shaun T out.

Warm Up/Run progression:

  • Alternating knee lift (knee above waist)

  • Lift on toes (heels off floor)

  • Slow control jog (this is hard because it is a slow motion run)

  • High knee jog (faster jog)

23:07 minute mark: Jacks

  • Jack feet (hands together)

  • Double jack feet

  • Double jack + arms

  • Basic jacks


21:04 minute mark: Lunges

  • Pivot lunge step-in (to build the quads)

  • Pivot lunge + hop (land softly)

  • Pivot lunge + touch knee (a little lower and chest high)

  • Pivot lunge + touch floor (back flat and core tight)

19:05 minute mark: Heel taps/Lateral moves

  • Heel tap up + back (L)

Also known as 'mom, mom, mom’.

  • Heel tap up + back

  • Lateral sprint (left to right)

  • Lateral mountain climbers (left to right)

17:08 minute marker: Jumps

  • Jump rope

  • Jump rope up + back (push balls of feet into the floor)

  • Up + back slow

  • Half-tuck jump

Shaun quotes/suggestions/pep talks:

'You go at your own pace. You do the best that you can do. Like I said, this is your foundation. As you start to get a little stronger you’re gonna go a little faster and you’re gonna be able to pick it up a little more.’

Then… this happens:

Burnout 1: 15 minute mark ('I ask you to push a little harder, a little faster, and focus a little more’)

  • Basic jack

  • Pivot lunge + touch floor

  • Lateral mountain climber

  • Half-tuck jump (small hops off the ground and touch your thighs)

13:00 minute mark: Hops

  • Control squat

  • Hop squat (an inch off the floor)

  • Hop hop up + back

  • Hop hop squat

11:00 minute mark: Sprints

  • On your mark + sprint (L)

  • On your mark + up down (L)

  • On your mark + sprint

  • On your mark + up down

'Don’t run from the work, FEEL the work’.

He says this is to 'test your explosion’. This is one of the few times my hand(s) touched the ground - strange when I am accustomed to INSANITY.

9:00 minute mark: Kicks

  • Low kick (focus on your core, elbows into side)

I finally get to catch my breath from doing this spaz tap dance and Shaun says,

'It’s not a break. This is still hard work because this is going to progress…’

My daughter is doing cobra on the floor.

  • Low kick on toes

  • Low switch kick

  • High switch kick

7:00 minute mark: Speed & Agility

  • Running lunge

  • Split lunge agility

  • Jack feet out + in

  • Speed + agility (putting the last two together)

'Nothing moves until Shaun T tells it to move