Focus T25: Alpha Speed 1.0

It is day two of Focus T25 and I rolled out of bed ready to tackle Shaun T’s 25 minutes of awesomeness. Therefore, let’s get to it!

Focus T25: Alpha Speed 1.0.

  • Length: 25 minutes unless you count the Shakeology commercial and Shaun T kablam intro at the beginning and cool down at the end and it is really 30 minutes. Either way - you got time for dis!

  • Equipment needed: ‘Nada’

Aw, Shaun T is so cute. Just like in Alpha Cardio, you can follow Tania for the modified moves to take it a little slower/less intense. I previewed the workout and it reminded me of Hip Hop Abs or one of Shaun T’s dancing videos. :) (Little did I expect the intensity of what was going to happen to me).

He calls this whole thing: ’Speed, Stretch and Stability’. Therefore, this is a mix of all three in succession. Hold onto your horses because you’re ABOUT TO DANCE… and sweat and maintain a really high heart rate.


  • Jog it out

  • Hop hop turn

  • Hop hop hook - yeah! I love punching!

  • Hop hop hook squat

Is it just me or does my daughter look suspicious?

Shaun T basically talk/sings to the tempo music. It is amazingly awesome and I am going to be hearing it in my head all day.


23:24 minute marker

  • Jog it out

  • Up + Over - this is where I realize I cannot dance/have a lack of rhythm

  • Quad stretch

  • Burpee + alternating front kick - burpees I hate you

  • Prayer hands knee bend (a little Shaun yoga)

My daughter wants to be like mommy… :)

20:00 minute marker:

  • Side hop uppercut (this goes quickly and you have to remember to hold your core tight)

  • Side lunge stretch - I GOT THIS!

  • Low crossjack (now I MUST be in a Shaun T music dance video and my heart rate is around 181 which is way too high)

  • Hip flexor hold

‘This is where you’re at. 25 minutes a day.’

This is Speed 1.0 You need your whole body - especially the center of your body to KEEP control’.

Nicely said Shaun. You will notice there are not many quotes in these reviews because the Focus T25 workouts move so fast that he is mainly hollering out moves not hilarious quotes.

17:00 minute marker:

  • Zigzag hop (Tonya is a dancing machine)

  • Control knee hold

  • Squat thrust + crisscross - club dance move - for sure!!

  • Leg crossover stretch

So basically I am drooling sweat a this point.

14:00 minute marker

  • Heisman crossword

  • Heisman crossword + clap (under knee) - this takes some coordination and it took me a few seconds to figure it out. While he was counting I was saying, 'what. the. heck’ in a sing-song manner.

  • Flat back roll up (did someone say fruit roll up?)

12:27 minute marker:

  • Crisscross hop

  • Crisscross + half-tuck jump

  • Hip flexor calf stretch (heel down - feels fantastic)

My daughter is drawing on my cue sheet.

  • Slow quick jab combo

  • Chest opener stretch

Burnout 1: 9:25 minute marker: Speed (warning: this is long and carries you to the end!!)

  • Up + over

  • Burpee + alternating front kick (the way he says this in tempo is hilariously amazing)

  • Side hop uppercut

  • Low crossjack

  • Zigzag hop - again, I have no dance move ability apparently

  • Squat thrust + crisscross

  • Heisman crossword

  • Heisman crossword + clap

  • Crisscross hop

  • Crisscross + half tuck jump

  • Slow quick jab combo

Sweet jebus what just happened?

1:06 minute marker: Stretch/Stability

This is where I wish I was doing these stretches under a waterfall. With my mouth open.

  • Inhale arms up stretch into plank - into downward dog - back into plank - roll up

  • Inhale into flat back - into plank - into downward dog - into plank - roll up

  • Inhale arms up - exhale arms down - twice

Then, he says TIME and we are done with the 25 minutes! High five someone - I thought about high fiving the wall. Or falling over.

Cool down (2:25 minutes)

This is just like the Cardio cool down.

  • Alternating knee lifts

  • Holding knees into chest

  • Alternating quad stretch (heel to glute)

  • Holding heel to glute

  • Leg crossed over glute stretch - both sides repeating and then hold

  • Hands to knees - round and release the back

  • Hands to ground - roll up slowly

Final Thoughts:

  • I felt like I was in Shaun T’s dance video. I needed glow sticks.

  • HOWEVER, this was no joke. My heart rate was high - around 180 some of the time which is way above my comfortable 170 peak. A few times I said, 'Shaun - you are going to kill me!’

  • The stretching was a surprise - it was a good time to catch my breath and stretch my muscles out (which was lacking in the cardio). I thought my heart rate would plummet but it did not - nicely done Shaun.

  • Unless you have a hose spraying in your direction at all times - there is no stopping for a water break. The stretches are nice but he moves straight into and out of them. If you are just beginning - take a break, drink water, rest when you need to do so. I grabbed my knees once because I did not want my HR going over 181.