Focus T25: Alpha Total Body Circuit

July 2, 2013

So - I am super sore from my shoulders down to my ankles as a result of starting Focus T25 and doubling it up with my already in progress Body Beast.  Nevertheless, I carry on.  You will see me shift a day or two around here soon because I have a 5K on July 4th.  



Focus T25: Alpha Total Body Circuit.  (This is on the same disc as Speed 1.0 which threw me off for a…little while…)



  • Length: 25 minutes unless you count the Shakeology commercial and Shaun T dance music intro at the beginning and cool down at the end and it is really 30 minutes.  Either way - you got time for dis!

  • Equipment needed: ‘Nada’

Remember how I told you Cardio and Speed 1.0 did not have a lot of floor work?  Well - it’s time.  Like the previous two - you can follow Tania for the modified/less intense moves.

Things are about to get ridiculous.


Warm up:

  • Alternating knee lift


  • Lift on toes -cute hubby Scott!  I feel like I need some cooler shoes…or more shoes.  Shaun has a lot of shoes.


  • Slow control jog

  • High knee jog

‘This is a full body workout.  Now, your focus is gonna be on a lot of things.  I just need you to focus and pay attention.  Think about it - it’s only 25 minutes of your day and I’m asking you to give me everything you’ve got.’


Okay, I’ve got this.  So far.  I am pretty sure Shaun t is helping me learn to run correctly (heel up).


22:55 minute marker

  • Hop hop turn - I remember this one.


  • Jump rope run (keep core tight)

'We’re not just jumping rope.  We’re jumping with a purpose’.


  • Hop hop hook

  • Hop hook squat

ONLY FOUR MINUTES HAVE PASSED?  It is hard to move as fast as them!  My prime motive is to not fall over at this point.


21:00 minute marker

  • Shoulder tap (L)


  • Shoulder tap (R)

My daughter got sneaky while I was trying to take these photos and decided I was a bridge.  See her progression?


  • Left-right push-up - this reminds me of the Asylum 2 warm-up!  I am starting to feel extremely worn out.  So is Scott - look at him.  I feel ya man.


  • Tap push-up - I think I fell to my knees once or twice out of exhaustion during this move.

18:51 minute marker

  • Alternating front lunge


  • Front lunge + squat


  • Front lunge + 2x squat

  • Lunge squat progression

16:55 minute marker

  • 2 + 2 jabs


  • 2 + 2 rotating jab - The hardest thing is keeping up with the tempo.  These are fast or I am tired.

  • 2 + 2 in + out jab


  • 2 + 2 moving jab

'Now what are you punching for?  There’s a purpose behind this - there’s a focus behind this.  Okay?  Try to stay in control of your body.’


Oh Shaun.  I’m punching with a purpose.


15:00 minute marker:

  • Plank hold


  • Plank walk

'You wanna act as if you have a glass of water on your back and you wanna try to eliminate the spillage’.

  • Plank walk + in + out abs


  • Plank walk + squat hold


13:05 minute marker

  • Sprint it out

  • Power squat

'That ’T’ stands for Shaun T but it also stands for 'time’.  Twenty-five minutes of time.’

I am a bridge again.  Look at that little troll!


  • Sprint + power squat


  • Sprint turn + squat center

11:00 minute mark

  • Walk feet in + out


  • 3 hops in + out - he pretends to have a string above Scott’s hips to show you how they should raise


  • 2 hops in  + out

  • Pike-up - he picks on blonde girl and practically pulls her hips up.  I tried to get my hips as high as I could but I was getting worn out.  Where is Shaun T when you need him?  :)


9:30 minute marker

  • Left side squat

  • 180 degrees hop squat

  • 180 degrees squat + touch floor


  • 180 degree squat + burpee

The blonde girl is so red in the face…. it’s understandable.  These are ridiculous.


7:22 minute marker

  • Alternating spider lunge

  • Spider lunge + push-up

'Bigger range of motion means bigger results.’


  • Spider push-up

Look at all this sweat.  These people are struggling.  I am spitting sweat.




  • Oblique knee push-up - all the cast members are hollering in pain.

Burnout 1: 5:20 minute marker (so I am already dying… then we have to do this business)

  • Tap push-up

  • Lunge squat progression

  • 2 + 2 moving jabs


  • Plank walk + squat hold

  • Sprint turn + squat center


  • Pike-up


  • 180 degrees squat + burpee

  • Oblique knee push-up


  • Floor sprints


1:00 minute marker

  • Body run


'Nail this workout.  NAIL IT!  This is the hardest I’m gonna be on you in the week.  Okay?  This is your foundation.’


 Then, this happens:




Cool down/Active stretching (3:15 minutes):

  • Inhale arms up, exhale arms down

  • Shoulder/back stretch




  • Quad stretches

Talk about balance….


  • Fingers interlocked above head - stretching to sides

  • Flat back + arms out + touch floor



My daughter thought she would try stretching with me.  :)


Final Thoughts:

  • Yes, this is Spiderman training.  The spider moves are familiar from Asylum (one of his other programs) so I had a leg up (hahah, get it?) on the moves.

  • Holy hell Batman this workout was intense.  I did not burn as many calories as yesterday (because I am pretty sure my body was in shock doing Speed 1.0) but it was still a great workout.  It works the legs, arms and core.  TOTAL BODY right?! 

  • It was also Body Beast: Bulk: Arms day so I did that afterwards.  During Focus T25 I was thinking, 'Oh yeah, this is a GREAT WARMUP to arm day.’  No.


  •  I burned 384 calories doing Focus T25 for 32 minutes and 382 calories doing Body Beast for 38 minutes.