In 2013, INSANITY was, by far, my favorite at-home workout DVD program and had proven to be the best cardio to burn the most amount of calories.  (I have tried and reviewed quite a few).  I had done at least 3 rounds at the time and had no contraindications for doing it.  However, this was the last time I did this program.

It is 63 days (most people think it is ‘2 months’), challenging, about 40 minutes a workout during Month 1, and 60 minutes during Month 2.   Remember, as Shaun T says, ‘DIG DEEP’! 

For the record: I chose to complete this round of INSANITY in 2013 because Shaun T posted a ‘Birthday Challenge’ on Facebook and I was finishing up Asylum V2 at the time.  Therefore, I joined the challenge and made a vow to myself to change my body for the better.

Therefore, I hope you enjoy my reviews and daily updates using the links below!  Disclaimer: My reviews include details of the times, equipment needed, moves, pictures (of myself and/or the program), quotes, and personal opinions/thoughts.  Not every workout is reviewed, but most are below.