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Hello there YOU. It's me.

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Hello there YOU. It’s official. I just put a ‘mom bun’ on top of my head. Well, it’s more of a ponytail but you get the point. If not, you are about to. We will call it a 2 second ponytail and a shrug in the mirror.

For those of you who do not already know me – my name is Bethany and I have had previous websites/blogs but have since decided to graduate to the one you see now. By graduate I mean that I am going to focus more on the ‘blog’ side of myself rather than selling fitness programming to you the masses (for now). The ironic part of that is that a blog is probably considered old school at this point. Nevertheless, short of making a podcast this is my next best thing… for now.

This is me.

A quick surface-level description of myself for you: mother to 5 girls (ages 3-13), married (not my first marriage – more on that later), full time employee in the corporate world, certified personal trainer, and juggling every day as it comes at me full motherf’n speed. Like several of you out there, I have become who I am in part by pregnancies, 2 different kinds of labor, an abusive relationship, divorces, stepchildren, a career, a competitive nature, and a dedication to fitness. More specifically, lifting. A little more specifically – realizing my worth in every single relationship and choosing to find the greener pastures rather than weathering the storms I found myself trapped amongst.

I have decided to no longer hide in any kind of shadows and to bring to light my experiences and lessons in hopes of someone relating to them and recognizing they are not alone. I am not afraid, nor ashamed – I stand firm as the person I am. So put your seat belts on – ‘tis going to be a ride!

The post was brought to you by simultaneously drinking a reheated 3 times almond milk latte, going through work emails and executing the work, sipping a Bang energy drink from my glute workout shortly before, folding 1 of 4 loads of laundry, hiding Christmas presents in the closet and marking them off my spreadsheet (family of 7 remember), emailing a couple teachers about kids, and… it’s time to heat my coffee again and the dryer buzzer went off again.


Until next time.

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