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Updated: Nov 12, 2021

That’s it! I am officially done with this round of INSANITY! Yay! Jump around. Happy dance. It’s like this:

I finished the Fit Test today (Day 63) and officially made the last check mark on my calendar for INSANITY! :)

You can see my entire calendar below. I added a key at the bottom so you would know what was going on! :) I pretty much ‘checked’ off/ended every calendar I had - which was around five.

I wrote myself a pep message on my chalkboard (and kept track of my numbers on the left) and burnt around 268 calories during the 28 minute test this morning. :)

Here are my Fit Test results. I found it VERY hard to beat my last numbers - which is good and bad. I set the bar high. I am happy with my performance though - I could not have done more without sacrificing form.

I posted my Shaun T Birthday Challenge photo into the contest:

So hopefully I can win a chance to meet/workout with Shaun T! :)

I sent in my pictures and form (with measurements, weight, etc) for the INSANITY completion shirt to Beachbody! It is about time I got an 'I earned it’ t-shirt for this monster! :) I just hope the email size was not too large due to my bazillion photos.

My being orange on the right may have something to do with the fake tanning lotion or my editing. I apologize! :)

Which brings me to….


the FINAL notes/Weekly Report!

  • Overall, I lost about 5-6 pounds. This fluctuates because I seem to weigh 1-2 pounds more or less on a different day.

  • My chest, hips and waist have lost .25-1 inches each (I was not aiming to shrink these too much, so that is acceptable)! Bye bye chest, right ladies? :)

  • My biceps and my quads have grown .5-1 inches. Ah yeah! Gettin’ ripped!

  • My body fat has gone down - but I do not know the exact number.

  • I have to retire the shorts and sports bra I am wearing in the photos because they are too big. I kept them throughout the 1-30-63 day photos for consistency’s sake.

  • My arms, back, and legs have gotten toner. I have also lost fat around my mid-section (hallelujah)!

  • I am tanner thanks to my fake tan lotion from Bath & Body Works! ;) I wanted to be like all those 'after’ photos where people got tanner. Did it work?

  • I started Body Beast right after the Fit Test - so that is what is next! That - and - I will continue to run/race in the 5Ks I sign up for and add supplemental cardio on days I know I need it (using INSANITY or Asylum).

  • I will always love INSANITY and Shaun T and will always recommend it to people (when I feel it fits their needs/abilities)!

  • You can find my entire INSANITY journey here (with things like surviving INSANITY, tools that motivate/inspire me, and my confessions).

  • Thank you to everyone that supported me throughout my journey (you know who you are), all of YOU readers and people who commented who supported and helped hold me accountable, and to my hubby who I forced to take my photos, measurements, listen to my complaining about being sore, and helping with my daughter when I needed to workout! <3

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there!!! :) Happy Mother’s day mom - I love you! As I wrote on my FB page:

I just wanted to let you know that (whether you are a mother or not) I am very proud of you! Keep pushing hard with your workouts and eating smart. You deserve thanks and respect all of the days - not just this one.

For those of you that have lost your mothers - remember all the people you have that do love you and are here for you! She lives in inside of you - even if you do not want to admit it.

Here was my little girl on our way to brunch this morning (the one on the left, not Molly Manners on the right):

Stay tuned for my Body Beast reviews coming up soon!

UPDATE 6/5/13: I finally received my INSANITY Completion Shirt!!

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