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Focus T25: Alpha AB Intervals

When I first saw that this ab workout had its own day of ‘25 minutes’ I was skeptical. However, the first week is the only time it stands alone. Considering that my body is sore and worn out from the doubles of Focus T25 and Body Beast - I welcomed this one!

Let’s get to it! This is Focus T25: Alpha Ab Intervals.

  • Length: 25 minutes unless you count the Shakeology commercial and Shaun T kablam intro at the beginning and cool down at the end and it is really 30 minutes.

  • Equipment needed: ‘Beachbody miniMAT’ (aka: yoga mat)

My first thought: 'Aww he has a cute aqua shirt on. AND IT MATCHES THE MAT!?’ How cute is that? Then, I realized, I should get some awesome neon arm bands. :)


  • Child’s pose + plank

  • Down dog + plank

  • Down dog + spider lunge

  • Down dog + oblique knee

So far so good. I am starting to feel it.

23:00 minute marker

  • Low plank hold (L)

  • Side plank hold (L)

  • “V” sit + arms down

  • Side hip-up (L)

  • Low plank pulse (R)

  • Side plank hold (R)

  • “V” sit + arms up

  • Side hip-up (R)

20:35 minute marker

  • Alternating speed knee slow

  • Alternating straight leg lift

  • Same arm + same leg (R)

  • Same arm + same leg (L)

  • Both arms + both legs

17:50 minute marker

  • "T" shuffle (cardio)

I should be in one of Shaun T’s videos but I would cuss too much.

  • Scissor leg + heels up

  • Same side (R) + heels up

  • Same side (L) + heels up

  • Both sides + heels up

'And my hand is back - on the tummy right here - let me feel ya abs!’

14:50 minute marker

  • Hop hop squat (cardio)

'You are in my gym for 25 minutes a day. And when you’re with me you’re gonna work you’re gonna focus for those 25 minutes.’

  • Alternating heel tap slow

  • Dual heel tap slow

  • Dual straight leg lift

  • Alternating single leg “V” hold

11:46 minute marker

  • Sprint turn + squat center (cardio) - He even has you punch your stomach! :)

  • Alternating heel tap fast

'THIS IS A BOARD ON YOUR BODY. And you create that’.

  • Dual heel tap + 6-inch hold

  • Alternating single leg “V” hold

  • Alternating single leg “V” lift

8:50 minute marker

  • Speed knee kick (L) - cardio - this is not easy and I tried not to fall over the whole time

  • Speed knee kick (R)

I was all over the place with this one - trying not to fall over. :) I like when he moves over to Christina and says,

'You stop movin’ your arms, okay, I got somethin’ to show them at home’.

  • Superman

  • Lat pulldown

  • Straight arm fly

  • Rocketman

Looooove working the back of the core. Yes, I pretended to be a superhero.

5:47 minute marker

  • Lateral mountain climber (cardio)

  • Plank toe tap in + out

'Try as best you can to keep your butt out the air. It’s gonna go up there because you’re doing a crunch’.

  • Plank feet up + back

  • Up + back “V” up

  • Plank “V” up

2:48 minute marker

  • Sprint + table top

'You’re gonna shake, that’s okay’. I had balance issues - usually do. Got it though!

  • Wide in + out ab pyramid

00:46 minute marker

  • High knee jog

  • Slow control jog

Then, yes, this happens:

TIME! Look how excited these people are.

…and me.

Cool down (3:29 minutes)

  • Inhale arms up - exhale arms down

  • Back stretch with interlocked fingers

  • Roll down - flex quads

  • Hands behind back - roll up

  • Hip flexor stretches

  • Inhale arms up - exhale arms down

  • Swan dive to toes - roll up

Final Thoughts:

  • That was a heck of an ab workout. Compared to Body Beast’s ab workout - this has it beat by a long shot. Shaun T always does! :)

  • I burned 311 calories 'warming up’ with Body Beast Cardio and 285 doing Ab Intervals.

  • This workout is less cardio-intense than the previous three but is still great. My heart rate was kept higher than any other ab workout would have done. This one reminded me of ab classes at gyms - but slightly better. ;)

  • Remember to keep the core tight, chest up, and back straight!

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