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Focus T25: Alpha Lower Focus

I fell asleep early last night so I woke up before my alarm today. However, I was super sore from the race and rock climbing yesterday so I rolled out of bed cringing.

Note: this was yesterday’s workout but I did so much yesterday that I pushed it to today.

Nevertheless, I had things to do! Let’s review Focus T25: Alpha Lower Focus!

  • Length: 25 minutes unless you count the Shakeology commercial and Shaun T kablam intro at the beginning and cool down at the end and it is really 30 minutes. Either way - you got time for dis!

  • Equipment needed: ‘Nada’

Tania is the modifier for this workout (like the last three) and, as Shaun T says, ‘If you need her - stay with her’.

Hold onto your pants people - you are about to work your legs and they will be on fiiiiiiiiire!

Warm-up/Run progression

  • Alternating knee lift

  • Lift on toes

  • Slow control jog

'In this workout the ground is your best friend. Whenever your feet are on the ground you wanna spread out the toes - get a wider base of support - to really have control of your body.’

  • High knee jog

This is all familiar from the workouts previously - so I had this so far.

22:57 minute marker

  • Jack feet

  • Double jack feet

Around this time I started half-crying for my legs. :) They were in pain.

  • Double jack + arms

  • Basic jack

  • Basic squat

I am a bridge again.

  • Squat pulse

  • Basic squat + arms up

  • Control squat jump - Oh my gosh. When does this end?!

18:52 minute marker

  • Calf raise (L)

  • Calf hop + arms up

  • Calf raise (R)

  • Calf hop + arms up

“Everything that’s happenin’ is in the lower half of your body and the sweat is pouring from your head. That’s how you know you’re working. You got dis.’

Basically, I jumped around trying to keep my leg crossed over the other and to not fall over. The calf is on fire near the end.

16:46 minute marker

  • Narrow lunge (L)

  • Wide lunge (L)

  • Deep lunge pulse (L)

  • Deep hold lunge (L)

  • Narrow lunge (R)

Ahhhhhhhhh, my legs!!

  • Wide lunge (R)

  • Deep lunge pulse (R)

  • Deep hold lunge (R)

'I’m even shakin’ right now’. I am going to be honest with you - I took a break or three and let my knee fall to the ground so I could rest.

Burnout 1: 12:46 minute marker

  • Control squat jump

This is where he says:

'I have some good news for you! You’re more than halfway done with the workout. We’ve just passed the halfway mark. You’re like holy crap - yeah, it works like that - it’s only 25 minutes!'

  • Calf hop (L)

  • Calf hop (R)

  • Deep lunge pulse (L)

  • Deep lunge pulse (R)

'How you feelin’ Tonya? DANG the MODIFIER is sweatin’, you feel dat?’


11:10 minute marker

  • Alternating front lunge

'You’re like - Shaun I just finished doin’ this one. Well guess what - guess you gotta do it again!’

  • Front lunge + squat

  • Front lunge + 2x squat

  • Lunge squat progression - I think my legs are going to give out soon. :)

He does a lot of 'boom, hop, hah, boom’. You can tell he dances. :)

9:05 minute marker

  • Adductor squat

  • 2 + 2 adductor squat

  • 2 + 2 stay low - he says to act like you have a balloon between your legs that is filled with a lot of pressure and you wanna pop it every time your knees come together.

'Stay low - sit into the chair.’

  • Stay low adductor burn

  • 2 + 2 knee up - This (and the following few moves) are welcomed because it gives my legs a break for some cardio action.

  • Up + over

  • Up + over + 2x squat

  • Up + over + touch floor

5:00 minute marker

  • Deadlift tap (L)

  • Deadlift knee raise (L)

She is obviously helping my form - or pushing me over.

  • Deadlift tap (R)

  • Deadlift knee raise (R)

'Whenever you go to the floor - tighten the core.’

Burnout 2: 3:00 minute marker (eeeek - another one!)

  • Lunge squat progression

  • Stay low adductor burn

  • Up + over + touch floor

  • Deadlift knee raise (L)

  • Deadlift knee raise (R)

’I’m breathing. Silence is golden.’

00:54 minute marker

  • Hop squat + hip flexor

Then, this happens:

TIME baby! He says,

'You focused for 25 minutes on your lower body and you’ll have rock-hard legs in no time.’

I basically want to lay on the floor.

Cool down (3:10 minutes):

  • Inhale arms up - flat back - touch ground

  • Hamstring stretch

  • Hip flexor stretch

  • Walk feet center - chin to chest - roll up

  • Inhale arms up - exhale arms down - twice

Final thoughts:

  • Lower body workouts (leg day) always raises the heart rate and makes a person sweat like crazy.

  • My legs were already sore from running/rock climbing yesterday so this workout was not the easiest for me. I look forward to doing it next week.

  • I am pretty sure they oiled up the blonde girl.


  • Scott (Shaun T’s hubby) is in this video toooooo! I am sensing a trend.

  • I did Body Beast: Build: Back and burned about 280 calories before I did Focus T25 Lower Focus in which I burned 340 calories.

  • My daughter stole my headband during the 'photo shoot’ and had some fun.

Is that how I look when I work out? Oh my.

Good luck with Focus T25 LEG DAY!!! :)

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