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Focus T25: Beta Core Cardio

I have made it through Alpha!! Therefore, it is time for day: 36: Focus T25: Beta CORE CARDIO!

Rather than following the schedule, I am doing my own hybrid of Body Beast and Focus T25 (starting today).

  • Length: 25 minutes - unless you count the Shakeology commercial and Shaun T fancy intro at the beginning and cool down at the end and it is really about 30 minutes.

  • Equipment needed: ‘Nada’

The music changes from Alpha - it’s about to get iiiiiiiiiiiintense (or weirdly 60s/70s style). Tonia is, again, the modifier so follow her for the less intense moves.


  • Split lunge agility

  • Low switch kick

  • Double switch kick

  • High switch kick

‘This is beta so I’m goin’ a little bit harder on you and I want you to focus just a little harder’.

  • Static uppercut

  • Jack uppercut

22:00 minute marker

  • Hop fwd + back

  • Hop side + side

  • Alternating speed knee slow

'What did you focus on in Alpha? Whenever that knee comes about the waist what do you do? You tighten the core’.

  • Alternating speed knee fast

19:55 minute mark

  • Twisting “X” lunge

  • Twist “X” deep lunge

  • “X” lunge touch shin

  • “X” lunge + touch floor

Well these suck.

18:00 minute marker

  • Demi squat walk

  • Deep squat walk

  • Squat walk + touch floor

  • Air plank jump

15:48 minute marker - working the core

  • “T” twist front pulse - apparently Susan was a ballet dancer (the girl in red spandex) which explains her form.

Honestly - around this point - I had to take a few breather breaks.

  • “T” twist lunge pulse (L)

  • “T” twist lunge pulse (R)

This is feeling like leg day to me. Love this quote:

'I’m lookin’ at you. You stay there. I know it burns and it’s about to get a little bit tougher. But this I where the focus comes in. I love what I do and I love to inspire you and I love when you feel pain because I know you’re gonna look in the mirror tomorrow and you’re gonna feel absolutely amazing.’

  • Rotating “T” twist

This is a weird one and I think I tore up the carpet in my workout room a little bit. Hardwood might be beneficial for this twisting move.

13:46 minute marker: Burnout 1

  • Alternating speed knee fast

  • “X” lunge + touch floor

'If you’re like - Shaun I’m tired - well guess what? It’s only 25 minutes and that’s why I call it a burnout’.

  • Air plank jump

  • Rotating “T” Twist

11:56 minute marker

  • High jump in place - hey hey! This reminded me of an INSANITY move. The hubby is pretty impressed with the hair movement he captured in this photo.

  • Control hop side + side

  • Double hop rotation

'If your inner thighs aren’t burnin’ during this abductor movement then there’s a problem goin’ on, okay?’

  • Single hop rotation

9:51 minute marker

  • Hammer kick (L)

  • Speed kick (L) - I love that he warns you with an 'I’m about to show you what cardio’s all about’.

  • Hammer kick (R)

  • Speed kick (R)

  • Shuffle feet - I LOVE when he bends down to camera level (on the feet) to tell you what to do. 'Try to keep up with my hands’.

  • Shuffle + hop up + back - 'up back go’ … ’ UP. BACK’.

  • Shuffle + squat

  • Shuffle + burpee - WHAT? 'BURPEE!’

I took a few breaths. I am not ashamed. Sweat was in my eyes.

6:00 minute marker

  • Plank tap feet out + in

  • Plank tap arms out + in - Scott is sweating up a storm.

  • Plank diagonal tap

  • Plank diagonal lift

3:50 minute marker: Burnout 2

  • Single hop rotation

  • Speed kick (L)

  • Speed kick (R)

  • Shuffle + burpee - Shaun shuffles backwards to Tonia and it is hilarious. Dude is a monster. :) I am sweating tears.

  • Plank diagonal lift

Then, Shaun does a little pep talk into the camera….

1:49 minute marker

  • Floor sprints

  • Running spider lunge - Oh. My. Gosh. Is it over yet?

1:00 minute marker

  • Body sprint

'There’s a difference between a sprint and a body sprint. In a body sprint I’m askin’ you to move the arms and the legs forward and back’.

  • Full body run


THEN…. this happens. :)

Cool down/Active stretching (2:30 minutes)

This should look familiar - it’s the same as in Alpha. I was so sweaty some of the moves (prayer) were hard to hold. Ew gross.

  • Alternating knee lifts

  • Holding knee lifts

  • Alternating quad lifts

  • Holding quad lifts

  • Alternating prayer stretch

  • Hold prayer stretch

  • Round/release back

  • Hands to floor - roll up slowly

Final thoughts:

  • Things are orange rather than yellow - that’s worth mentioning. Orange means you’re MOVING ON BABY!

  • My legs were burning. Holy moly. I was sweating all over the place. By the time I took my HR monitor off, I burnt around 400 calories.

  • I also did Body Beast Bulk: Chest beforehand, so I burned about 270 calories with it. My thought during this workout: DUMBBELLS Y U SO HEAVY?! Notice my quick-change set up? Haha.

  • I think I am going to hear 'BURPEE’ in my sleep.

  • Scott (Shaun’s hubby) is in this video as well (I am thinking he will be in all of them) and is super neon-cute as always. I think I have a crush on their love story.

  • The following are two of my favorite sequences during our 'photo shoot’.

  • This is not in the workout program but you could consider it an intense planking push-up (since she does not actually hold on).

  • Afterwards, I went upstairs and my daughter said, 'ma, bath’. I laughed and went to shower.

  • This is a fantastic cardio workout. It is one of those that makes me contemplate cutting off ALL OF MY HAIR because it gets so sweaty it slaps me in the face during the workout.

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