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Focus T25: Beta Rip't Circuit

Today I did Focus T25: Beta Rip’t Circuit for the first time! It would be considered day: 38 by the calendar (but I am doing it as part of my own Body Beast/T25 hybrid).

So here we go!

  • Length: 25 minutes unless you count the Shakeology commercial, Shaun T weight lifting intro at the beginning and cool down at the end then it is really 30 minutes.

  • Equipment needed: Dumbbells or Resistance Bands + miniMAT (optional)

When I first saw that dumbbells were involved I said something like ‘oooooh, heeey’. Then, I saw that aqua/green was the color theme (aside from Shaun in purple) and felt like I should change clothes and find some neon shoe strings.

Tonia, like always, is the modifier so follow her for low impact movements. Shaun T prefaces the workout:

'We’re workin’ on our cardio, upper body, lower body, and abs.’

I thought to myself - alright, I got this.


  • Slow control jog

  • Squat push-up

  • Palm-down squat thrust - 'you work through the floor’.

  • Alternating straight leg kick

  • Speed + Agility

I was realizing by this point that this workout may not be as insane as the other ones because it was a slower pace. Although, I had a feeling he was about to work larger muscles which raises my HR pretty high.

19:57 minute marker:

  • Reciprocating bicep curl - (Marlena has 5 pound dumbbells, Scott has 12 pound and the Andy uses the resistance band). I used 12 throughout this workout.

  • Deep lunge pulse (L)

  • Deep lunge pulse (R)

  • Alternating straight leg lift - 'If you can’t reach your toe you need to do that stretch video’. It is nice to know I can reach my toe.

  • Alternating speed knee fast - time to get your HR back up!

15:58 minute marker:

  • Arnold press

  • Weighted squat pulse

  • Dual heel tap

  • High switch kick

12:00 minute marker:

  • Single leg (L) lawnmower

  • Single leg (R) lawnmower - “Keep the fight, keep it ripped’.

  • Air plank + one leg burpee - 'your body is a board’. Blerg, burpees.

  • Hip-up "V” hold - while this is supposed to be an ab workouts it looks like a tricep workout too. ;)

  • High jump + twisting abs - HR raiser!

  • Single leg (R) tricep press

  • Single leg (L) tricep press

7:09 minute marker:

  • Deadlift + curl squat - since I did Bulk: Back right before this, my back was tiiiiiiiired.

  • Knee in + out tap down

  • Half-tuck jump - Shaun T wants you to 'nail this workout’. Basically, I was jumping and slapping my thighs. No, I wasn’t really jumping. I was slapping my thighs.

  • 4-count wide push-up - I fell to my knees after one or two.

3:05 minute marker:

  • Weighted moving squat - this lasted a few seconds longer than I would have liked. HA!

  • 4-count dual leg lift

  • 5-count power abs (c-sit, butterfly one leg in, switch legs, reverse crunch, “v” sit) WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?!

Then, YES, this finally happens!


Cool down/Active stretching (3:15 minutes):

  • Inhale/Exhale - hands interlocked

  • Quad stretches

  • Hands interlocked overhead side stretch

  • Flat back - fingertips to floor - palms to floor - roll up slowly

Final Thoughts:

  • The two in the back are from Asylum, I am pretty dang sure. Marlena screams oftentimes. Scott and Tonia are in this video - like the rest of them. :)

  • When I previewed this workout I was thinking, 'man those are some light dumbbells they are using’. While I was doing the workout, I realized how slow and controlled the moves are - thus, the reason for lighter weights!

  • There is no 'burnout’ in this workout but you work your legs, arms, and core pretty good! I make sure that I make the best of each move and tighten my muscles whenever I can (i.e.: abs).

  • By the time I stopped my FR, I had burned over 400 calories (my HR was high at the end of this workout).

  • As reported in a previous review, Focus T25 has some quick footwork and I am ripping up the carpet in my basement/workout room! I had to cut the little threads that were sticking out. The hubby asked if we are going to have to re-carpet the basement. I said - 'maybe, but I am going to pull it out one strand at a time first’.

  • Beforehand, I did Body Beast Bulk: Back which was probably not THE BEST idea but I am testing my hybrid calendar this week. I lift heavy so my back had just been put through the ringer (including the back of my abs).

  • Here is one of my favorite photos from the shoot for this review:

  • Now that I have done this workout, I consider it an all-over total body workout. It burns a good amount of calories because of the lunging, weight lifting, and quick bursts of cardio. However, you do not sweat-dance yourself into a land of 'what just happened’?!

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