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INSANITY: Cardio Power & Resistance

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Today is Day 3 of INSANITY and on the schedule was Cardio Power & Resistance.

I rolled out bed like a broken slinky. For the record - I sat here for way too long trying to think of an animal to compare myself to and only came up with sloth, snake, and a few you do not even want to know.

Broken slinky = really sore, tired, lazy and lack of grace, bounce and speed:

HOWEVER, that never keeps me from finishing a workout.

Thank goodness the hubby was home to play with my daughter while I did this workout - I woke up slightly later than usual (slinky-style) which tends to happen on Wednesdays.

  • Length: 40 minutes

  • Equipment: none

Warm up:

Shaun T’s warm up is 10 minutes and similar to Plyo Cardio Circuit (yesterday’s) but changes the jumping jacks to power jacks (basically a squat jack), the heisman to over the log (basically what it says) and the mummy move to vertical jumps (which I like to call - jump and touch the popcorn ceiling).

I remember thinking - ‘I wish someone would spray me with a hose and some of it would end up in my mouth’ during the warm up. Is that weird? It’s in my notes.

As I mentioned yesterday, it is always my goal to burn at least 100 calories during the warm up and I accomplished this with flying colors (may partly be due to the caffeine pill I took, may not be). The photo is on the right and, I apologize, is blurry because I was shaking so much. Around 170 calories during the warm up? Uh yeah, I’ll take it.

By the way - this time - I was competing with Adriana (the girl with the curly hair - why is your hair down girl - are you nuts?). Not only does she spit during this workout, when Shaun T asks her how she is feeling during tricep dips (pictured way below) she says, 'like shi*t’. At least she is honest. :)


My notes read:

  • 'Swallowing sweat, awesome.’

  • 'Hair tie fail, again’.

So, apparently, I was sweating into my mouth during the stretching (which is just like Plyo Cardio Circuit’s stretch) and I still need to buy tighter ponytail bands.


There are two circuits in this workout. In the first one, the first two rounds last 2 minutes each and the third is 3 minutes. Moves are:

  • Power jumps: ugh, jump high into the air and hit your knees. In my case, I smack my knees and make as much sound as possible because that’s just what I do.

  • Belt Kicks: I like to call these 'hold onto your shorts and pop your knees out/kick’.

  • Hit the floor: this does not mean lay on the floor or 'hit’ it. (Okay, who am I kidding, sometimes it does mean that…) You jump up into the air and touch the ground with one arm, then jump up again and touch the ground with the other arm (opposing knee bent each time).

  • V push ups (picture below): I like to pretend like I get $1,000 for each one that I complete and then I think about what bills/debt I would pay off as I climb the money-rung. Hey, it works for me. Let’s just say I paid my car off and most of my college.

After the third round in this first circuit he has you do 45 seconds of tricep dips and then (I can’t remember how long) ball tricep dips.

My note reads:

  • 'Ouch’.

I also have one that says:

  • I like how Shaun T counts down what is left in each move '5…4…3…2….1!’

He is a fantastic trainer and motivator and he’s not even in the room. :) Since I cannot be looking at the TV screen all the time, it is great to hear him pushing me. <3

The second circuit has two rounds that are 2 minutes long and the last one is 50 seconds.

The moves are:

  • Hurdle jumps: you sprint in place for a few seconds and then jump (pretend there is a hurdle) to the side, then repeat to the other side.

  • Globe jumps: this is when you realize you did this move in the Fit Test. OH YEAH. I have to remember to jump straight up rather than galloping to the side.

  • Moving push-ups: since I am used to doing these in a ladder (during Asylum) you would think it was easier. By the time these came around I was so tired, I was doing good keeping up.

  • Floor sprints: I count in my head and try to beat my total in the next round. Otherwise, I would listen to my whiny brain telling me to stop.

The last move in the third round of this second circuit (that’s a mouthful) is 50 seconds of '8 hop squats into 8 push-ups’ on repeat. The hardest part about this is standing up QUICK to start the hop squats again.

I pretty much felt like this girl at the end:

One of the biggest things I like about INSANITY is that it is real people doing this workout in real time. There are several times that random members take breaks and are on screen holding their knees.

(If they were to stop and take several takes during the filming of these workouts - the cast members would fall over/pass out/always be resting/die).

Cool Down:

There is three minutes of cool down stretching when Shaun T says things like:

  • 'Don’t hold your breath’.

  • 'That was definitely insane’.

  • 'Keep breathing, keep breathing, keeping breathing’.

This is the time when I roll up from doing a straddle touch the ground stretch and sweat rolls down my face like I just ran a marathon. Where’s that been hiding? My hair?

I burned a great amount of calories (like yesterday) during this workout. My FR 70 showed 467.

Shaun T ends the work out by giving you the following advice:

  • 'Make sure you eat right, drink your recovery formula, and log onto’. (My recovery formula is breakfast/ISOPURE and I use Team Beachbody everyday).

Final Thoughts:

  • At the end of the workout, Shaun T and the team high five each other and give hugs. I thought - ewww sweaty people hugging sweaty people. :)

  • Shaun T is right - this one is 'all about power yo’.

  • Once again - fantastic and quick cardio workout to scorch calories.

To continue yesterday’s trend of sharing my food for the day, I am listing it below!

*Again, keep in mind that my work night does not end until about midnight.

10:30am Breakfast (picture below on left):

  • 6-8 egg whites-ish (the hubby was kind enough to make this while I was in the shower) w/ season all + a sprinkle mixed cheese

  • Thin whole wheat bagel with almond butter

  • Water (vitamins are on the right if you are wondering)

12:30pm Lunch (pictured above on right):

  • We went to Santa Fe Cafe (one of the hubby’s favorite brunch locations). I ordered a turkey burger dry on wheat toast. I got rid of the top layer of bread (too much) and added mustard, half of the tomato and lettuce.

  • Side of fruit (sans the green melon - not a fan)

  • Water

4pm Snack:

  • Medium nonfat Chai Tea Latte from Scooters

  • Banana

6pm Snack:

  • Handful of almonds

7:30pm Dinner (very similar to last night - this time I remembered to take a photo but it was afer I started eating):

  • 1 Morning star Chik’n Veggie Patty on 80 cal wheat bun, pineapple slice, and one slice reduced fat provolone cheese

  • 1/2C left over penne pasta from yesterday’s lunch

  • 1/3C strawberries, 5 cubes frozen mango pieces, with 2Tbs sugar free cool whip

  • Water

10pm Snack:

  • 1 Golden Delicious apple

After my workout/shower/breakfast we went to Hobby Lobby so I could find a chalkboard for my workout room. At one point, I heard 'oooh ahh, laaa, yeah yeah.. oh… ooooh..eeee…yeahhh’ and turned around to see my daughter petting the boa wraps.

I put one on her and she seemed to like it. :) It looks like Bird Bird feathers. A guy that works at Hobby Lobby eventually came around and asked us if we needed help finding something. We must have looked suspect. We can’t be the only ones that play with stuff in the store, right?

The hubby hung the chalkboard while I was at work and sent me this photo:

Cute right? I’ll erase it and write something motivational tomorrow and share it with you. :)

Also - I saw this today and it made me laugh.

I will see you tomorrow for my review of Cardio Recovery (and hopefully a run)!

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @BethanyBusche !

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