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INSANITY Max 30: Friday Fight: Round 1

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

It is time for the last review for the ‘Month 1’ workouts and I have to admit - I was somewhat scared to do this one! :) I was just coming back from being sick for a week so I was not QUITE at 100 percent and the 'FIGHT’ in the title is always a little intimidating (and I know Shaun T always has that one ultimate workout for the month).


Nevertheless, here is my INSANITY Max 30: Friday Fight: Round 1 review!

Total Time: 30 minutes (plus 2 minutes for the cool down) Equipment: none

Shaun T starts this with: 'This is Friday Fight - the fight between your mind and your body - which one will win?'

Ha, well. Let me tell ya…


This warm-up is somewhat like Cardio Challenge - so it should be familiar.

  • Chest Open Jack - arms up and they open and close as your feet go in out and out. Keep your elbows up and 'take off like an airplane’. :) Think of it like a jumping chest fly.

  • Jack Uppercut - feet open and close as you alternate arms with uppercuts. 'Use your core, push up, make sure you’re up there’. These should seem familiar.

  • 1-2-3 Knee - two steps left with a knee raise and touch, 2 steps the other way, opposite knee raise touch. Remember to reach back with the straight arm.

  • Jump Rope - you jump rope in place. Simple enough. Plant the balls of your feet into the ground.

  • High Knee Jab - alternating arms with a front jab while doing high knees (alternating knees). Of course we cannot just do high knees. No way.

Repeat it again!

During the warm-up, I was thinking - okay, I can do this - this isn’t so bad. THEN HE DID NOT EVEN PAUSE after the warm-up. You jump right into it…

I kept telling my daughter I would get her a popsicle after the warm-up but I COULD NOT! :)

'The Fight. Has. Begun.’

  • Hop Hop Runner - You hop twice and land in a runner’s position - then you repeat this the other way.

  • Plyo Power Knee Right - bring your knee to your hands while hopping on the stabilizing leg!

  • Plyo Power Knee Left

  • Switch Kick Punch - alternate kicking your heels up and punching your arms.

As I kept doing these moves - the yellow line on the screen that shows how much longer is left for the move - KEEPS GETTING LONGER!!!

  • Wide In & Out Knee Tap - in the plank position with wide legs - bring your knees in and tap the same knee with the same arm - alternate leg and arm.

This is where you can consider me MAXED OUT for the first time. Yeah, the first time. You heard me.

  • Medicine Ball Twist - twist left to right (while jumping your feet in and out) while keeping your core tight and pretending to hold a giant medicine ball.

  • Moving Jab Cross - hop up while moving left and punch, hop up moving right and punch. Back and forth!

One of my favorite quotes by Shaun T:

'I want everybody to move faster. This isn’t the time to stay together.

…this is not choreography. This is for you to fight at your own pace. If you stay with your opponent you will lose cuz that means they’re guiding you and you’re not guiding the fight!’

  • Speed In & Out Abs - in the plank position - bring your knees in and back out repetitively.

  • Scissor Stance Jack - squat and touch the alternate toe with your hand and jump up and cross your feet, repeat alternating legs and hands.

Oh. My. Gosh. Can’t. Jump.

If you pay attention to my daughter in the video, you can see her mad iPad skills:

  • 4 Jab + 4 High Knee - four jabs (alternating arms) followed by 4 high knees (alternating).

  • Tricep Dip Reach - do a tricep dip and then extend your leg and tap the toe with the alternate hand. Repeat switching legs and hands.

You are halfway done (15 minutes) and OMG YOU GET A WATER BREAK FINALLY!

You will see in my video that I spent this time getting my daughter the popsicle she had been begging me for since 2 minutes into the workout. I figured I would get a break after the warm-up but NO. This is only 30 seconds so choose your activity during water break wisely.

Shaun T takes the time to take his shirt off because it will help him 'breathe better’. I bet if he took that microphone off too it would help.


  • Hit The Floor - alternate touching the ground with your hands while in a slight lunge and jumping in between.

I took a few breaks.

  • 2 Jab + 2 Tuck - you jab twice to the left, two tuck jumps, jab twice to the right, two tuck jumps, repeat.

UGH I HATE tuck jumps. Mine eventually turn into little hops and I hope that my feet follow my brain.

  • Burpee Lunge Alt - do a burpee and then pop up into a lunge, do another burpee, pop up into the alternate leg forward lunge. Repeat!

He keeps asking - 'who’s winning - your mind or your body?!’

By the looks of the rest of the people, it looks like they are losing with both.

Poor Darren is maxing out:

  • Ab Attack Right - you do a squat and then pop the front knee up as you twist your obliques.

  • Ab Attack Left

  • Wide Pike-Ups - in the plank position, feet wide, bring your toes in and back out.

Then, there’s Shaun T, peeking at us through his legs as usual. He’s ’spittin’ and ’snottin’ but he’s ’workin’.

  • 10 & 2 - with your chest at 10 and 2 (on the clock) you twist between the two with your elbows up.

Ironically, you would think this one is easy, and I did, until my calves wanted to fall off.

  • Squat Kick Right - do a squat and kick your right leg forward.

  • Squat Kick Left

This is where I got random leg kisses…

Then, I stepped on her, so I had to get her involved…

  • X Jump + X Plank - uh WHAT? Yeah, do a wide leg plank (burpee) and then jump up into an 'x’ (legs out and arms out).

Darren is OUT so Shaun T takes over:

  • Plank Toe Taps - in a plank position, tap the alternate toe with your hand, switch.

Even Shaun T takes a break:

That’s okay, me too:

  • Knee Diamond Push-Up - on your knees, with your hands in a diamond and elbows into your sides, do push-ups.

OH MY GOODNESS - you get a water break because 'a brother’s tired’ and you are about to max it out for the last four minutes. That can’t be good.

Pep talk a la Shaun T:

  • Split Lunge Punch - alternate lunge and arm punching.

'Oh my God this is crazy’. Yeah, I agree Shaun T.

  • Plank Punches - in the plank position, alternate punching arms directly forward without rocking your hips.

  • Moving Squat Jab - jump and punch left right, land in a squat, jump to the other side, punch twice, land, repeat.

  • Punching Abs - in the C-sit position, knees up, punch your abs. If you are doing this with a bunch of friends - sit in a line like this:

Let Shaun T punch you:

And then fall to the ground like me and the one side of the line:

Cool Down:

  • This is two minutes starting with jumping around and punching your abs (I think he was trying to be funny), reaching up and down to the ground, reaching side to side (toes), rounding and releasing your back, dropping the shoulder down while moving side to side, inhaling the arms up and exhaling them down.

HONESTLY, I was walking around trying to 'find my life’ the entire time.

My Final Thoughts:

  • For the love of… ermagerd. It may have been a little too soon to do such an intense cardio after being sick.

  • I did not take photos of myself for this review, BUT I did put a video together of me doing the workout! :) Watch it through the end for the funny parts (and keep an eye of my daughter who is a pro on the iPad)

  • You have a modifier, as usual, so watch her if you are having issues living through this:

She finally maxed out around 24 minutes:

  • I spent a good amount of time during this workout like this (watch the end of the video for my not so pretty moments):

  • Garmin Connect indicates that I burned 280 calories and spent most of my time in zone 2 or 3 - which makes sense since I was halfway dying the entire time. :)

This is a super intense plyometric full body cardio workout and your heart rate will be high the entire time. Be prepared to push hard, go without breaks, and challenge yourself the entire time. FIND YOUR LIFE!

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