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Body Beast: Build Chest/Tris

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

After finishing the INSANITY Fit Test (and the entire program itself), I decided to start Body Beast (the ‘Lean Beast - for those who want to get big but also lose some fat’). First of all, the cover material looks like this:

Which makes me want to growl and giggle.

The schedule looks like this:

Which makes me think, 'THIS IS 12 WEEKS?!’

Why am I doing this program? Well let me tell you…

  1. If something says/shows/tells/indicates to me it is not for/able to be done by women - I am going to do it. (Keep in mind, I wrote this post and started this program in 2013 when it first came out). Tell me I can’t… :) They do not necessarily say it is for men only - but there are only men in the program/pictures/etc.

  2. I love lifting/strength training - therefore, this is a fantastic way to focus on certain muscles on certain days. BRING IT ON!

  3. It is a big misconception that women will get 'bulky’ or look like the guys in the program. Honestly, we just get toned, burn fat, and have muscle definition. YES, please!

  4. The hubby bought my adjustable Bowflex dumbbells as a Valentine’s Day present (haha, shows you the kind of person I am, right?) and I had yet to REALLY use them.

Therefore, I did Day 1: Build: Chest/Tris (yesterday).

  • Length: 49 minutes

  • Equipment needed: Bench or stability ball (I chose the ball to work my core and because I do not have a bench), chair, weights.


This is 2:45 minutes that made me giggle. You jog a little, do a few arm circles, then you do some push-ups. Compared to the INSANITY 'warm-ups’ and the Fit Test I just finished, this is cake.

I need to remember this is not INSANITY - this is weight lifting.

Chest Press:

While laying on the ball or bench:

  • Round 1: 15 reps

  • Round 2: increase weight: 12 reps (quicker tempo)

  • Drop set: increase weight: 8 reps (slower tempo)

  • Drop set 2 (means switch weights fast): decrease weight: 8 reps

Chest Flyes/Incline Dumbbell Press:

With bench at an incline or laying on the ball with hips up and core tight:

  • Chest flyes: 15 reps

  • Incline dumbbell press: 15 reps

  • Round 2: Chest flyes: 12 reps

  • Round 2: Incline dumbbell press: 12 reps

  • Round 3: Chest flyes: 8 reps

  • Round 3: Incline dumbbell press: 8 reps

  • Drop Set incline dumbbell press: decrease weight: 8 reps

One of Sagi’s quotes to the one of the other guys on the set (sexist, yet inspiring):

'This is the beast workout, not the girly workout you hear that Barbie?’

Close Grip Press/Partial Chest Fly/Decline Push-Up:

  • Close grip press (dumbbells together): 15 reps

  • Partial Chest Fly: 15 reps

  • Decline push-up: maximum reps

  • Round 2: Close grip press: increase weight: 12 reps

  • Round 2: Partial fly: increase weight: 12 reps

  • Round 2: Decline push-up: maximum reps

  • Round 3: Close grip press: increase weight: 8 reps

  • Round 3: Partial Chest Fly: increase weight: 8 reps

  • Round 3: Decline push-ups: 8 reps

More 'Beast’ quotes (yes, he refers to himself as 'Beast’):

'I know it’s burning. I know because mine are on fire. I can feel that smoke coming off.’

'Are you ready to get Beasty?’

'I wanna get big, my shirt’s getting already tighter, guess what I’m gonna get for my birthday? EXTRA LARGE.’

Lying Triceps Extension:

Laying on the bench or ball, your arms are extended straight up and fall behind your head. Try not to hit yourself in the face and keep your elbows in.

  • Round 1: 15 reps

  • Round 2: increase weight: 12 reps

  • Round 3: increase weight: 8 reps

  • Drop set round 3: decrease weight: 8 reps

Single Arm Kickback/Close Push-Ups:

While leaning on the bench or laying on the ball for stabilization, you will 'kickback’ the weight while keeping your elbow stationary. You do EACH arm - obviously - or this would be silly. :)

  • Round 1: Single Arm Kickbacks: 15 reps

  • Round 1: Close push-ups: 15 reps (I am on my knees, yes)

  • Round 2 Kickbacks: increase weight: 12 reps

  • Round 2: Close push-ups: 12 reps

  • Round 3: Kickbacks: increase weight: 8 reps

  • Kickbacks drop set: decrease weight: 8 reps

  • Round 3: Close push-ups: 8 reps

Look at this guy’s area. There are so many weights… it’s ridiculous. I suppose mine looked somewhat… the same.

Bench Dips:

  • With your arms on the chair, elbows back, and legs extended: 60 seconds: Maximum reps (without dying or falling off the chair). My knees went from straight, to bent, to flimsy, to straight, to bent again. I was not counting my reps - but I will next time.

In & Outs:

  • While sitting on the chair, you lift your legs and straighten them out and bring them back in - repeatedly for 60 seconds. This. Hurt. My. Butt. I need to find/use a better chair (cushioned) or try the ball next time. That’ll be an act. I was not counting reps here either - I will next time. Good for the abs!

Cool Down:

This is 2:45 minutes of 'cooling down’. Sagi uses his bench, I used my blue ball. Notice my face on the left? This is my 'what kind of stretch is this’ face. You could also consider it - befriending my ball. 'Oh hey, I love you ball’.

He stretches your chest muscles, triceps, and does a behind he back stretch for your shoulders and chest. Cool down? Honestly, the only thing I had to cool down from was the scurrying of switching my weights.

Beast quotes:

'It’s not a lot of time, but that’s what’s going to change the game for you’ (stretching).

'Can you smell it? It’s Shaun’s triceps’ (smoking).

'See you next time. Beast OUT. Let’s get some water and GO GET SOME FOOD!’

Since I was ill-prepared worksheet-wise for this workout, I was scrambling to keep record of my weights on my chalk board. Notice my scribbles? I am having a hard time filling out my 'worksheet’ but I will next time. For your information my weight averaged between 15-20lbs.

I burnt 342 calories during this sesh’ which is not bad but it isn’t INSANITY! ;) Must…remember…strength training. Boy-style. ;)

Final thoughts:

  • This is a lot less intense and slower than INSANITY. That was to be expected.

  • You are given water breaks between moves but I never took one. This was because I did not need one and I spent my 'break’ time adjusting my weights/trying not to trip over the mess of tools.

  • My area was a mess because I was juggling my adjustable dumbbells (and figuring out how to use them quickly), my 15lb hex dumbbells (so I could keep up with the drop sets), the ball (that has no sand in it so it rolls away), and a chair.

  • I only hit myself in the face/head once or twice with the adjustable dumbbells - they are large and awkward. I will get better.

  • With this being my first time through the workout, it was hard to gauge how much weight would be best. However, I know for next time what to push for!

  • Honestly - I kicked the weights (hex and adjustable) a few times and rolled off the ball at least once.

  • Maybe I need to add gruting to my regime.

  • At one point I thought I would need thigh pads because balancing the dumbbells on my thighs waiting for the next move was a challenge and I swore would leave imprints for days.

  • I noticed my arms were slightly shaky throughout the day - good sign.

  • Lastly - women can do this and we can do it like a boss.

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