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Body Beast: Lucky 7

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

I have not done Body Beast: Lucky 7 yet, so it is time!! I had a few extra minutes this morning while my daughter was sleeping so I wanted to get it reviewed for you!

  • Length: 22:38 minutes

  • Equipment needed: Weights or curl bar + weights

Sagi’s pre-workout pep talk goes like this:

‘Seven pyramids. Seven exercises. Seven times bigger muscles. Working the total body, losing more body fat, and getting bigger!!’

I hope you can count to seven! :)


This is 1:25 minutes of jogging, hip leg circles, arm circles, walking into a plank, reverse lunges, and back to jogging. It should be very familiar since it is used in several other workouts. Basically, I was putting my gloves on during this time. Hahaha - still can’t get used to these strangely short warm-ups.

EZ Push-Up + Clean + Squat:

  • Push-up over the bar with one arm in front, push-up with the other arm in front, stand up with the bar (clean), and squat.

  • Repeat by adding one rep to each move until you hit SEVEN.

I was pretty happy with myself because I never dropped to my knees during the push-ups. :) I am a push-up girl - not a pull-up gal.

Also - I had a 10 pound plate on each side of the bar during the move (not 15 pounds like the picture below, I apologize).

You see my ornery daughter and the ball behind me? :)

Dead Lift + Bent-Over Row:

  • Dead lift, bend legs and do bent-over row.

  • Repeat by adding one rep to each move until you hit SEVEN.

Sagi does the deadlifts extremely fast which is hard to keep up with - in order to keep form you have to go somewhat slowly. I had already done some heavy (40 pounds+) deadlifts during Bulk Legs so I was toast.

For this move, I used 10 pounds on each side of the bar.

Skull Crusher + Press + Crunch:

  • Skull crush, press, crunch.

  • Repeat by adding one rep to each move until you hit SEVEN.

'If you need to go lighter, write it down, and that’s what you do. You go lighter because you need to finish the seven lucky charm!’

I used 10 pounds on each side of the bar, again.

'You work your triceps. You work your shoulders. You work your chest and you’re workin’ your abs. WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT?!’

'You wanna make sure the form is perfect - if not, there’s no point in doin’ it.’

My triceps were feeling it!!

Curl + Mil Press + EZ Squat:

  • Curl, press, squat.

  • Repeat by adding one rep to each move until you hit SEVEN.

I laughed at this:

'I’m not your baby I’m your BEAST!’

I used 10 pounds on each side of the bar and my legs were getting tired by the 6th rep.

Delt Raise + Reverse Lunge

  • Delt raise, reverse lunge and then alternate leg.

  • Repeat by adding one rep to each move until you hit SEVEN.

'Lower the weight because what’s coming next - is SUPER COOL Lucky 7!’

'It’s not about how many times you fall it’s about how many times you stand up and keep moving forward. That’s right. That’s what winners all about.’

I dropped some weight for this one and used 5 pounds on each side of the bar. This was a good idea - especially considering I just did Bulk: Legs.

Lat Oblique Twist:

  • Twist to one side and hold one second, twist to the other side and hold one second

  • Repeat by adding one second to each side until you hit SEVEN seconds.

I used 15 pounds on the bar - oh buddy! I will lift heavier next time. You have to focus on your form and keeping the core tight during this move. Otherwise, it could turn into some weird game.

Upright Row + Calf Raise:

  • Upright row + calf raise.

  • Repeat by adding one rep to each move until you hit SEVEN.

I used 10 pounds on each side of the bar for this move. By the time I hit 6 and 7 my calves were rushing to finish.

Cool down:

This is 1:20 minutes of arm stretches (he counts to seven for each one), a calf stretch, and a hip flexor stretch.

I enjoyed the leg stretches, obviously.

Final Thoughts:

  • This is a quick all-over workout which is good if you are pressed for time and in love with the EZ Curl bar. I, on the other hand, prefer breaking the muscle groups up into days and working them harder/heavier during a workout.

  • While this workout works all the muscle groups (abs, legs, back, shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps) - it only works them for a short amount of time and you are not really able to increase in weight.

  • I may use dumbbells next time to see the difference it makes but my friend (who also did this workout today) said he wished he had a curl bar.

  • Today was Body Beast: Bulk Legs day so I did that and burned 485 calories first. With Lucky 7, I burned about 270 calories (my HR was already slightly elevated).

  • The poor guy on the right was having a rough time - he even had to put his weights down once to finish the set. HA! GOT YOU GUY!

  • Oh, and because Soggy pants (Sagi) says 'Lucky Charm’ or 'Lucky 7’ all the time:

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