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Body Beast Review/Wrap-Up!

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Today (aside from tomorrow’s ‘Rest day’) marked the end of my 12-week Body Beast (Lean) program! Yay, woo woo!

While some people (unfortunately) see this as 'the end’ I see this as the end of my first round of forever weight lifting.

So, here’s how my ’calendar’ looks:

As far as my measurements go…

  • Weight: up about 10 pounds which I am hoping is muscle. I have watched the scale steadily increase throughout these 12 weeks.

  • Hips: up about an inch which means my butt is getting bigger! (My waist seems to have stayed the same).

  • Arms: my arms have grown about .5-1". Unless you count them flexed - then my biceps have increased about 2".

  • Legs: the measurement has stayed the same unless you count them flexed. Then I have gained 1-2".

As far as my ’clothing measurements’ I can tell you this:

  • My shirts are fitting tighter in the biceps - thus, I am gaining muscle! The hubby makes fun of me - I am proud of it.

  • My jeans/pants (that I purchased in a smaller size after finishing INSANITY three months ago) are tight in the quads. This means my leg muscles are growing.

  • I had to get a smaller bikini top for the pool, because, apparently Chest day has had some effect. I have always told people - a smaller chest probably means you are fit unless they are fake. ;)

My daily changes:

  • I randomly flex my biceps. Just kidding - but seriously. I post 'Flex Friday’ photos on my Facebook page. Carrying in the groceries is more fun - especially when I see the reflection of my arms in the door.

  • I am sore more often. I always say, 'no pain, no gain’. I told my friend the other day that I was always in a state of sore - depending on the muscle group I trained.

  • I am hungry and eat more often. I did not follow the 'Beast’ plan or the suggestions of macro-monitoring, but I did eat healthy (as I usually do) without depriving myself of life. I knew my muscles were not going to grow without fuel, thus, I ate when I was hungry and made sure I ate plenty of protein. Although, I did make Sagi’s Signature Meatballs!

My advice to you:

  • Take beginning measurements and photos. Hide the scale. Honestly - I only stepped on it before I started, halfway through, and today. I did not want the scale to attack me and make me feel like I was gaining 'the dreaded’ weight. I knew my mind was going to take awhile to come around to the idea that weight gain means muscle gain. Muscle takes up less room while weighing the same as fat, thus, weight gain = good. Some women have a hard time accepting this. You will not 'bulk up like a man’.

  • Read my Review of Body Beast that I wrote which is 'everything you need to know’ about surviving The Beast.

  • You can read my review of the Bowflex Dumbbells.

Which brings me to - the photos. I know you are all waiting for them. The 'prove it’ moment. Here you go (sorry about the spandex capris - we were on our way to go rock climbing).

My arms are getting bigger (especially my triceps and deltoids).

Then, I tried to see if my butt got bigger. The black spandex is not helping. I will try again next time.

Then, my daughter wanted to pose (as always). :)

Here’s my back growth from February to August. I notice bigger traps (around my neck), arms, and girth - all over. My lower back is also getting tighter. I could move my arms slightly and you would see the muscles shift.

I am happy with the improvement and look forward to building upon it.

What am I going to do now? My hybrid of Body Beast and Focus T25 Beta. I am still trying to cut some body fat (especially in my core) so I am hitting it hard with cardio. Stay tuned for my Focus T25 Beta reviews in detail and you can always refer back to here to see my Body Beast reviews individually.

Happy Friday everyone! I am going to go wash the chalk off my body and care to my blistering hands from rock climbing tonight. (AWESOME time).

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