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Body Beast: Build: Legs

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

This morning was….. I was sore. Let’s just say I laid in bed an extra hour - not because I was sleeping but because I was so sore I was trying to muster up the energy/courage to roll out of bed.

I was feeling yesterday’s Chest/Tris workout - that is for sure. I would roll over and make some grunting noises and say something like, ‘oh my gosh I am so sore’. This:

Today’s workout - Build: Legs. Considering that my upper body felt like rubber bands I was thinking - alright, let’s do this.

  • Length: 38:18

  • Equipment needed: Bench/stability ball, chair, curl bar with weights (optional), weights


This 1:20 minutes of high knee jogging, hips rolls ('circle with the knee’), reverse lunges, sumo squats, and some more high knee jogging.

Like yesterday, this is a quick 'warm-up’ and is going to take some getting used to for my INSANITY-self. :) I think I was investigating a dot on the ceiling and then, like a flash, it was over.

Sumo Squat:

The first move is a Sumo Squat. While holding the weight (one) vertical and underneath your chin, you squat with your legs out and 'go as low as you can’.

  • Round 1: 15 reps

  • Round 2: increase weight: 12 reps

  • Round 3: increase weight: 8 reps

  • Drop set (which means move quickly): decrease weight: 8 reps

Beast quote:

Remember, there’s no rest on a drop set!’

Alternating Lunge/Step-Up to Reverse Lunge:

First you do front alternating lunges, then you step onto the bench and down into reverse lunges. This - is slightly dangerous at first. (Sometimes I use my daughter’s colored itty bitty chairs for her table!)

  • Alternating lunge: 15 reps for each leg

  • Step-up to reverse lunge: 15 reps one side, 15 the other

  • Round 2: alternating lunge: increase weight: 12 reps

  • Round 2: step-up to reverse lunge: increase weight: 12 reps

  • Round 3: alternating lunge: increase weight: 8 reps

  • Round 3: step-up to reverse lunge: 8 reps

Here are some 'Beast’ quotes that make me giggle:

'1, 2, and BEAST UP’

'You with me baby? Come on. We gotta go place. We gotta get huge. BIG LEGS.’

'Let’s go all the way baby’.

First of all - one must be ready to step UP onto a chair and not fall over. Once I had that down - I turned it into a butt lifter (notice my leg goes further back than the boys’). Keeping the correct form is very hard (chest up and knee parallel) and this move made me sweat bullets.

Parallel Squat/Bulgarian Squat/Straight Leg Deadlift:

With a weight in each hand, you squat straight down and keep your chest up. The Bulgarian Squat requires one leg on a chair behind you and the other leg bending at 90 degrees. The straight leg deadlift is done with a bar and straight legs.

  • Parallel Squat: 15 reps

  • Bulgarian Squat: 15 reps each leg

  • Straight leg deadlift: 15 reps each leg

  • Round 2: parallel squat: increase weight: 12 reps

  • Round 2: Bulgarian squat: increase weight: 12 reps each leg

  • Round 2: straight leg deadlift: increase weight: 12 reps each leg

  • Round 3: parallel squat: increase weight: 8 reps

  • Round 3: Bulgarian squat: increase weight: 8 reps each leg

  • Round 3: straight leg deadlift: increase weight: 8 reps each leg

Beast words:

'No limits. No quitting. Winning. Let’s go.’

'Can you count backwards? I wouldn’t do that. I didn’t miss that school that day’. What?

The Bulgarian Squat reminded me of a P90X move and takes some time to master. Keeping one leg on the chair and one leg at 90 degrees is key. The deadlift (with the bar) was weird and felt like I was just stretching the back of my quads. Luckily, thanks to Les Mills Pump, I had the bar and weights. However, you could easily do this move with the dumbbells (and I almost chose to do so).

**Honestly, now, I do one leg deadlifts with a dumbbell because I know better.

Single Leg Calf Raise/Seated Calf Raise:

While holding onto the bench or ball (only for support), you do calf raises with one leg. Then, you sit down with the weights on top of your knees (watch out, they’ll mark your legs) and raise your heels off the ground.

  • Calf raises: 30 seconds: maximum reps, switch legs

  • Seated calf raises: 30 seconds: maximum reps

**I get more out of using a machine for calf raises because I can focus on the heads of the muscles better with heavier weight.

Beast quotes:

'MAC! …. You gonna help me clean this up here?’


'I can’t hear you. Are you falling asleep? Are you lovin’ it?’

'I wanna see some smoke coming off’.

It looked like I had car parts on my lap. The thing about calves - they can take a lot of weight so I lifted heavy - around 50lbs - and will lift heavier next time.

In & Outs:

  • 30 seconds: maximum reps


'It’s not easy. I never said it’s gonna’ be easy. But you know what? The Beast is with you all the way’.

The floor was much softer than the chair (that I used yesterday). I will try the ball next time.

Cool Down:

This is 2 minutes of stretching your hamstrings, your quads and your hip flexors. It is quick - notice my face.


'Don’t force it, just have fun with it’.

’…and that was BUILD LEGS. Alright. Good job guys. Let’s have a SHAKE!!’

I could not stop laughing after this quote. You have to hear this guy talk to really understand.

Day 2: DONE! I burnt somewhere around 333 calories (may have been more because my heart rate monitor kept losing my HR in the beginning). Click the photo for Garmin Connect details. :)

Final Thoughts:

  • I got a good burn during this workout. These are some of the biggest muscles in the body and I was dripping beads of sweat at certain times during this workout.

  • If you lift heavy enough - you can get a REALLY good workout for your legs (and your arms, honestly). If you do not lift heavy - you may be wasting your time.

  • I can get past the goofy instructor and spent most of my time shuffling tools/deciding which weights to use. Therefore, I did not take a water break during this workout either.

  • I welcome to soreness of 'leg day’ (and cringe going up stairs) because my body had gotten used to INSANITY and this helps my body avoid plateau. BRING it ON BEAST!

Afterwards, I laid on the floor while my legs felt like jello. Here was my tweet:

Since it was 58 degrees outside, I wanted to burn more calories for the day, and the hubby was home - I went for that run.

I sent this photo to my mom and she said my legs looked dark. I had to explain that I was wearing spandex… :)

I made it short because my legs were on FIRE and I was letting my body acclimate to the warmer weather. You can click the photo for Garmin Connect details. I actually wore a tank top! YAY FOR SPRING!

Currently - my entire body is sore except my face. Thanks Body Beast and to myself for lifting heavy!

One of my followers/awesome new friends asked me:

My answer:

I do not anticipate changing my eating habits! I am going to continue to eat clean and lots of lean proteins. I usually have 3 meals and 2-3 snacks a day and make sure protein is a big part of each one. You can follow my eating on MyFitnessPal! :) I always remember that my muscles need fuel and everything going into my mouth fuels the machine.

If anything changes - I will be sure to let you know! Thanks for reading and I love your comments and encouragement!!

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