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Body Beast: Bulk: Chest

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

I fell asleep around 9:30pm or so last night because I was wiped out (from being sick, from waking up early for the run, taking care of a sick baby, being a mom, you know…) so I woke up on my own around 6:30am and did Body Beast: Bulk: Chest! This was my first day into the Bulk phase!

Therefore, you are going to get a face full of reviews for a few days - I apologize in advance. ;)

  • Disclaimer for today’s review: I had to take the photos after my shower. Therefore - I do not usually workout in makeup or with my hair down. ;)

Before this workout I took some Mucinex, Aleve (sore throat), and ate one of my amazing Mint Fudge Protein Bars (since I have found this gives me energy to lift heavier as opposed to not eating before like I usually did).

  • Length: 30 minutes

  • Equipment needed: Bench or stability ball (I choose the ball to work my core and because I do not have a bench) & weights.

Sagi seems to have an intro to all of the workouts. Here you go:

‘I love my chest to stick out of my shirt. You know what? We’re going to a whole new level. We’ve finished high school we’re going to college now.’ ’….you know what? Bulk your chest - use bigger shirts - and man up!’.


This is 2:20 minutes of a jog, arm circles, bending the arms in right angle fashion to warm up the shoulders, a bunch of push-ups, and jogging again. Typical Sagi warm-up.

I’ll admit - some most of my push-ups ended up on my knees.

Incline Fly/Incline Press:

  • Round 1: incline fly: 15 reps

  • Round 1: incline press: 15 reps

  • Round 2: incline fly: increase weight: 12 reps

  • Round 2: incline press: increase weight: 12 reps

  • Round 3: incline fly: increase weight: 8 reps

  • Round 3: incline press: increase weight: 8 reps

  • Drop set: incline press: decrease weight: 8 reps

I could not let these go:

'Gimme all you got, because The BEAST, is about… to unleash!’

'You EARNED it, now you gotta OWN IT!’

'The Asian Sensation is talking smack!’

I know what you’re thinking. Can he do that? Can he really do that? Oh yeah, he can do that. We’re all winners.’

I lifted heavy here because.. well… I was in the Bulk phase, right? I think at one point I thought I could lift heavier than I actually could - did 2 reps - decided when I could not get the weight up on my left side that I needed to go back down in weight. Whoops. Maybe next week when my arm is stronger.

Chest Press With Rotation:

  • Laying flat - weights near shoulders and palms towards torso - press up and rotate hands to tradition press position - 5 reps.

  • Round 2: 5 reps

  • Round 3: 5 reps

  • Round 4: 5 reps

  • Round 5: 5 reps

This will wear you out. I chose 20lbs throughout the whole thing and was wearing thin towards the end. I think I need to put air in that blue ball. Haha.

'We’re not going up with the weights. We’re not dropping the weights’.

'Right on baby. All the way. Write it down. Get some water.’

For the record - I was drinking water. This was either because my throat was sore or this was making me thirsty.

Incline Press (progressive set):

Before we started this, The Beast says:

'What do you think John? IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!’

’….Remember guys, I’ve been doin’ this for a long time’.

  • Round 1: lightest weight: 15 reps

  • Round 2: increase weight: 12 reps

  • Round 3: increase weight: 8 reps

Getting tired!!!

Incline Press (second set):

  • Round 1: heaviest weight: 8 reps

  • Round 2: decrease weight: 12 reps

  • Round 3: decrease weight: 15 reps

That was a lot of rounds. There is lot of manly-testosterone-screaming during these presses.

Close-Grip Press To Fly:

  • Round 1: 15 reps

  • Round 2: increase weight: 12 reps

  • Round 3: increase weight: 8 reps

'Whatever it takes to get your pecks nice, massive, BEEFY, BEASTY, whatever you say - I’m good with that!!!’

I could not let that one go. :)

Two of my favorite quotes:

'Lift heavy - get results.’

'I don’t let the weights control me. I control the weights’.

I smiled. The Beast also makes Nick help him clean up all the time. Poor Nick. You’re cute Nick.

Decline Push-Ups:

  • Feet on bench/ball - 15 reps

Is it harder if your feet are higher? I am pretty sure my chair is higher than their benches. Maybe I should try the ball next time to work my abs.

Cobra to Airplane

  • Face down on floor - arms stretched in front - arch back and lift chest off floor - arms to the side: 10 reps

I pretend to be flying, apparently. WORK THE BACK! :)

Decline Push-Ups:

  • Round 2: 12 reps

I almost missed the chair once. I must have thought it was closer than it really was - that would have been something else.

Russian Twist:

  • Sitting on floor - hands together - feet together - twist back and forth as many times as you can: 30 seconds. (For the record: I touched the floor whilst the boys did not).

Decline Push-Ups:

  • Round 3: 8 reps

Cool Down:

  • This is 1:40 minutes of stretching out your chest (and shoulder) muscles using the bench/ball.


'Make sure you are doing it. I don’t wanna come and get you.’

'That was BULK Chest. Now you feel beasty, beefy, beasty…’

As they are exiting: 'Nice workout! Harder. Faster. Bigger.’

Final Thoughts:

  • I burned around 220 calories during this 30 minutes of a chest workout. That is not bad - but it is not a lot. This workout is strength - building the chest (or shrinking it if you’re a girl). Since I was sore, sick, tired…. I called it a day and did not add some cardio. :)

  • Yesterday marked the last ’Build’ phase of Body Beast therefore, here is what my calendar looked like (below) for the last three weeks! The orange is additional INSANITY workouts and the purple are for races/runs (or double Beast Cardio).

  • This workout is not long and you just need to remember to lift heavier than last time. If you want to see results - you have to increase weight. Therefore, I like that it focuses on one muscle group (chest). It reminded me of Build: Chest/Tris without the tris. ;)

  • I am trying to get used to doing less cardio but it is hard. I am still wanting to lose some fat so I need to burn calories. However, my gun show is starting to require admission so I cannot complain about that.

  • Speaking of cardio - I remember saying (as I was doing INSANITY) that 'I now understand why muscly people have a harder time moving quickly/getting legs up/doing INSANITY’. For some reason - I am not as quick/nimble with my bigger muscles! That does not mean I won’t do it…. :)

  • I am still doing my best to make good decisions about what I eat. However, I am ALWAYS hungry. This usually comes from burning calories but maybe my muscles are craving more carbs/protein. I am usually eating every few hours. :)

I will see you tomorrow for Bulk:Legs (oh my gosh, it’s leg day again)!

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