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Body Beast: Bulk: Legs

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

My internal alarm clock woke me up around 6:30am today and must have thought it was a good time to do Body Beast: Bulk: Legs. Bravo to it because I had a hair appointment at 9am and needed to get my workout done! :)

Therefore, I took an allergy pill, a couple Aleve (throat was still really sore), ate one of my Mint Fudge Protein Bars and prepared to make my legs cry!

  • Length: 41 minutes

  • Equipment needed: Curl bar & weights.

Before we start, Sagi tells you:

‘Here comes Quadzilla! That is your new name. That’s right! You’re gonna get big legs. NO! You’re gonna get huge legs. And you know what? You’re gonna need to get new pants!’

He makes this up, right? He’s right - my quads need new jeans. Small waist + large quads = boot cut apparently. I have some new ones on now.


This is 1:54 minutes of jogging, hip twists/openers, reverse lunges, side to side squats, sumo squats with crossed arms, and then end with a jog. This is verrrrrry similar to the warm-up from Build: Legs.

'You’re doing Bulk: Legs - this is serious business.’

Front to Back Lunge:

  • Round 1: light weight: lunge forward and then backward: 12 reps, repeat other leg

  • Round 2: increase weight (5 lbs): 10 reps, repeat other leg

  • Round 3: increase weight (5 lbs): 8 reps, repeat other leg

Try not to lose your balance! :) These take forever. Holy moly. The Beast increased 5 lbs each time so I did too. You can do whatever you want.

'We gonna get HUGE LEGS today!’

'This is not a joke. This is Beast. Bulk. Legs!!!’

I realize Sagi AND I are wearing red tank tops…. :) For the record: these photos were taken after my hair appointment.


  • Round 1: light weight: 15 reps

  • Round 2: increase weight: 12 reps

  • Round 3: increase weight: 8 reps

  • Round 4: heaviest weight: 8 reps

  • Round 5: decrease weight: 12 reps

  • Round 6: decrease weight: 15 reps


'It’s not supposed to be easy!’

'Use the BEAST towel! I love it. Always remind me that I am a Beast’.

'1, 2, GO! Eric use your legs’. Poor Eric gets picked on during this workout. The other guy (Beast calls 'Smiley’) just says 'yeaaaaahh’ all the time.

Full to ½ Sumo Squat:

  • Hold one dumbbell under chin - 5 SETS of sumo squats; 5 reps each, hold for a few seconds in between.

Oh, Sagi:

'You know my momma’s gonna call you and she gonna be mad! It’s messy in here!’

(My daughter was in front of me). I used 20lbs for this one and now use 45-50lbs.

Split Squat with Bar:

  • Round 1: lunge stance bar between legs - lower body to ground: 15 reps

  • Round 2: increase weight: 12 reps

  • Round 3: increase weight: 8 reps

Switch legs. Do it all over again!

Who likes to do legs? Not a lot of people. Why? Because it’s hard.’ Bahahaha. Amen brother.

'Bad to the bone. Is it burning? Good. Now we got the other side!’

'Get big in a hurry. Get huge in a hurry! BEAST UP!’

  • Round 1: heaviest weight: 8 reps

  • Round 2: decrease weight: 12 reps

  • Round 3: decrease weight: 15 reps

Switch legs. Do it all over again! Eric makes some weird sounds during this one.

'Wachu gonna do! Wachu gonna do when The Beast go wild on you!?’

You get some water? You say your prayer? You take your vitamins? ALRIGHT. Let’s go.’

Okay, I was making weird sounds too.

Stiff Leg Deadlift/Alternating Side to Side Squat:

  • Round 1 : deadlift: legs locked straight - bend at waist and straighten back up: light weight: 15 reps

  • Round 1: alternating side to side squat - weight between legs: same weight: 10 reps (each side)

  • Round 2: deadlift: increase weight: 12 reps

  • Round 2: alternating side to side squat: increase weight: 10 reps

  • Round 3: deadlift: increase weight: 8 reps

  • Dropset: deadlift: decrease weight: 8 reps

  • Round 3: alternating side to side squat: increase weight: 10 rep

I love the photo on the left. She is wearing red too (and missing the dress part of her outfit because we did sidewalk chalk beforehand and was a mess)!

See?! :)


'15, glutes out, and Beast’.

The Beast is bein’ mean today. No I’m not. I want you to get results! I want to see you growing!’

At least no one farted during the deadlifts. Including me. :)

Calf Raise/Beast Abs:

  • Round 1: one dumbbell in hand - one leg crossed behind other - hold onto bench for balance: 50 reps

  • Beast abs: spell the word 'BEAST’ with legs

  • Round 2: switch legs: 50 reps

  • Round 2: Beast abs: spell the word 'BEAST’ backwards with legs

I used 40 lbs to do this move (I make it look like a dance move here) which was a little too much. My calves are still twitching. I now use 52.5lbs.

He says:

'Whatever it takes you’re going to finish 50.’

'What’s coming next?’ Eric and Smiley answer - 'Eeeeeeee.’

Hahahaha. We are in school! My daughter would love it.

She did love it! :) I realize, now, that she is more flexible than I am.

Cool Down:

This is only 1:30 minute of stretching your legs (hamstrings and quads) and doing lunges.

'Eric. This leg. Right there. You see that? Close to your body. I’m not as flexible as you are. That’s alright. Whatever you can - as long as you try.’

’…can you touch your butt? Of course you can.’

I like when The Beast calls the hamstrings 'the hams’. I might start referring to them as that from now on. 'My hams are hurting’.

Final Thoughts:

  • I burnt 453 calories in 45 minutes - pretttttttaaaaay good! How did I scratch my hand? It may have been sometime during this workout while trying to keep up with Sagi and his weight changes!

  • This workout definitely worked the hams.

  • I love/hate missed the step ups from Build: Legs. This one did not seem as difficult, but maybe it will be when I up my weights.

  • I did not have a heart attack - success! Leg day is always the hardest and raises the heart rate quite a bit!

  • I sweat. A lot.

  • I went to get my hair partially highlighted/trimmed afterwards (and did a little studying):

  • Then we did some sidewalk chalk (for her first time) around the BBQ and she cried crocodile tears when she had to come in to eat lunch:

I hope everyone has a great Monday! This will be me later:

By the way - I posted my weight worksheets for Body Beast: Build here! :)

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