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Body Beast: What You Really Need To Know

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

ys are not the only ones that can do this program. Even though this program seems to be marketed towards da boyz - several women have done/are doing it and are seeing great results. If you did not know it yet - it is a MYTH that women 'get bulky’ from lifting weights. I have been in the fitness game for a few years so I strive for my results with more than Body Beast.

I am part of a few women’s Body Beast groups on Facebook that are inspiring, motivational, helpful and wonderful. We have been called 'The Beastettes’. I follow the 'Lean’ program which basically means you do Beast: Cardio once a week rather than not at all in the 'Huge’ and I supplement with my own cardio (because I still want to burn calories) like INSANITY, Focus T25, running, raising a toddler… you know. I have found that this program has added muscle definition to my body that I could not get with pure cardio programs.

o not be afraid to lift heavier weight than last time. Do not settle for light weights. If you are ready to commit to this program and see results you are going to need some weights (dumbbells). You can read the review of the Bowflex adjustable ones I use here but there are several options.

Be sure to listen to your body. If the weight is too heavy - do not 'smash your face’ (as Tony Horton from P90X would say). If a certain muscle group is extremely sore on your body - take a day off from training it or make it a 'stretch’ day. Be sure not to over-train and take your rest/off day. It is a waste of time to train a muscle that still need to repair.

ou are going to need (at the bare minimum):

  • A stability ball (this is what I use) or a bench

  • Weights (I use 5-52.5lbs)

  • Chin-up bar/resistance band (I use a bar that I got for $20 at Wal-Mart even though I have the P90X bar)

Things you may want to use:

  • EZ curl bar (I had one so I use it occasionally because I only have 15lbs total for each side). Otherwise, you can use free weights.

  • Chin-up assistant

  • Gloves (I use these anytime I lift weight s - the photos you see without gloves are for photo sake)

Things I choose to use:

  • FR 70 + HR monitor + Garmin Connect. I like to monitor my calories burned.

  • I eat my Mint Fudge Protein Bar before my workouts in the morning.

e mindful of the schedule. The program is scheduled to work a different muscle group each day. You want to strength train your ENTIRE body, therefore, follow the scheduled workouts. For example, you will soon learn not to do leg day more than what it is scheduled. :)

…the micro-trauma-repair and muscle-remodeling processes require increased energy for at least 72 hours following a challenging strength-training session.’ (ACE Personal Trainer Manual)

You may have to alter your CURRENT schedule to make time for this program (if you are not used to working out or are supplement it with another program). For instance- I wake up BEFORE my daughter (and sometimes my hubby) to get my workout done in the mornings. My alarm is sometimes set earlier when I have a double workout day or something else to do.

Otherwise, things like this happen:

t clean and drink water. There is an eating plan in the book that comes with the program but I do/did not follow it. I always tell people - diets are temporary and do not last. You need to make a lifestyle of your eating habits or you will never reach your goals and stay there. Therefore, remember these important things:

  • Your body is a machine and it requires nutrients. You would not put dirt in your car’s gas tank and expect it to run correctly. Therefore, do not put crap in your body and expect it to either.

  • Eat to fuel your body. This means fruits, veggies, lean proteins, whole wheat carbohydrates, sweet potatoes, etc. Fruits are a natural sugar and my body has come to associate ‘sweets’ with eating fruit. Therefore, a treat. Make good choices and take the time to cook meals (ahead of time if you have to).

  • Drink water like it is going out of style. You need to replenish your body. Do not drink caloric drinks like juice, alcohol, sugar crap, iced coffee drinks, etc. Water will help you get through the workouts, lose weight, stay healthy, stay focused, I could go on forever…

  • Do not starve yourself thinking you are going to lose weight. Body Beast is a very demanding strength training workout that requires food for energy. I am eating all the time - but I make good choices.

  • I keep a food journal using MyFitnessPal and I also take a few vitamins.

  • For the record - I feel like crap if I eat like crap and try to do a workout. Why waste your time?

leep. Not during the workout, however. :) Sleep is crucial to a healthy way of living and your muscles need time to repair and build. Most research recommends 6-8 hours of sleep.

Sleep like this:

rack your progress. I write down my what weight I lift/reps completed for each move every day I do a workout (sans the cardio). You can find the downloadable worksheets here, and my own filled out here.

Make sure to take your measurements and photos before you start the program so you can track your progress in the middle and at the end.

To hold myself accountable:

  • I write inspirational sayings on the wall (chalk board I hung).

  • Check mark the days I complete on a calendar (I have at least…four - one on here, one at work, one on my phone and one on TeamBeachBody).

  • Write about it - blog, for instance! :)

  • ‘Like’ pages on Facebook and follow Twitter organizations that motivate you. For instance, I am part of 2 or 3 different Body Beast groups on FB, ‘like’ around 6 inspirational/fitness pages and have my own page.

There you have it. SEVEN letters/categories: BO, D, Y, BE, A, S, T (in case you missed it). I hope these help those of you doing Body Beast and those of you about to do so!

Yes, you will be sore. Yes, you will sweat. Yes, you will have days where you have to crawl up stairs. You will laugh and make fun of the boys in the video.

Yes, you will see results. You will feel better emotionally, physically, and mentally. People will compliment you, envy your dedication and wonder how you ever did it.

Yes, you will look in the mirror and smile. You will be proud of yourself, will probably want to do it all over again, and will appreciate the work you did. You will take 'Flex Friday’ photos.

YES. Body Beast is worth it and I am addicted to it for strength training at home. I foresee myself doing this for many rounds to come - if not forever. What are you addicted to that is better than this? If you are not having fun, you need to find another workout.

Happy Beasting!

By the way, I did Body Beast: Build: Shoulders this morning followed by Focus T25 Cardio.

This is how I felt at the end:

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