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Body Beast: Beast: Total Body

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Today is day 32 of Body Beast and BEAST: Cardio + Abs was on the schedule but I decided to do BEAST: Total Body + Abs. Why? I have not done this one yet and my other friend doing Body Beast did it yesterday and I got jealous.

  • Length: 38:35 minutes

  • Equipment needed: Bench or stability ball (I used the ball), chin-up bar & weights

Disclaimer! The photos were taken later in the day after my workout, shower, lunch, etc. Thus - my ninja black beast mode outfit with neon shoes (and no gloves). :)

Before this workout starts, Sagi gives his pre-workout pep talk and says:

‘You work your lower body and upper body….that’s how you burn fat, increase muscle mass, and get more energized so let’s get to it! Let’s beast-up with Total Body!’

This is a workout full of a bunch of moves done twice with 15 reps each. Thus, cardio with weight lifting. LIKE!


This is 1:12 minutes of jogging, arm circles, walk to plank, then a quick jog. It’s quick - simple - it’s a Body Beast warm-up.


  • Round 1: 15 reps of each move sequentially

  • Round 2: 15 reps of each move sequentially

I used 8 lbs for the first set of squats and then went up to 20 lbs for the second round. Obviously - I was having a good time.

During the squats, Sagi says:

'You go as hard as you can for 15 reps. If it was too easy - next time you go up.’

This is a good piece of advice to remember. :)

This workout moves faster than the Beast: Cardio that I was used to - and I like it. Also - remember, the heavier you squat, the more lean muscle you build and calories you burn. :)

Incline Press/Bent-Over Row/Reverse Alternating Lunge/Plank Twist-Twist:

  • Round 1: 15 reps of each move sequentially

  • Round 2: 15 reps of each move sequentially

I used 15 lbs the first rounds and 20-25 lbs for the second.


'I am more concerned about how you do it then how much you do it. Because you can always go back and lift more weights if you write it down! RIGHT!?’

The bent-over row is awkward on my ball (maybe it needs more air) but I get it done.

'No no no. Take it down and grab some BEAST weights. I know you can do more…. You want results? This is Total Body.’

'ON THE FLOOR! Twist Twist! 15 each side!’

Love this:

'We makin’ sure we strengthen the core of your body because you know what? That’s the connection from upper body to lower body. If you don’t have a strong core you can’t connect. You can’t get results. You’re gonna get hurt and we don’t want that!’

My favorite quote:

'We rest later. We go home and we take a nap. Right? The Beast not taking a nap!’

1, 1, 2 Military Press/Post Delt Raise/Stiff Leg Deadlift/Russian Twist:

  • Round 1: 15 reps of each move sequentially

  • Round 2: 15 reps of each move sequentially

These are exhausting during the last few reps (especially on my second round). My left arm lagged slightly but I forced it to keep up. Yes, I may have talked to my arm…

Good advice:

'If it’s light, you drop the weights, you write it down, you keep going’.

I like the post delt raise - I started with 8 lbs and then went up to 12 lbs.

The second round, Sagi says to Brian (the guy on the left):

'As long as you up that’s what matters. Didn’t you have a 10 before? (Yeah). AS LONG AS YOU GO UP THAT’S WHAT MATTERS. You know what? I got it for you. Here you go - a gift from The Beast’ (gives him a 15 lb).

Then, four reps into it he looks at him and says,

'Whats happened to your form?! Drop the weight go to the 10’.

I lift heavy when it comes to deadlifts because I have a strong back/quads. I was lifting more than the guys. The only issue I have is with the Bowflex adjustable dumbbells being so wide/large for my frame.

The key is to remember to keep your back flat and shoulders back.

Perfect explanation:

'You wanna get that booty out! AND stretch the hamstrings!’

These faces are not part of the Russian Twist - they are optional:

Bicep Curl-Up-Hammer Down/Tricep Extension-Kickback/Calf Raise-Weight at Shoulder/Side Forearm Plank:

  • Round 1: 15 reps of each move sequentially

  • Round 2: 15 reps of each move sequentially

I used 15 lbs and 20 lbs on the bicep curls, 8 and 12 lbs on the kickbacks, and 15 and 20 lbs on the calf raises.

The standing calf raise is interesting. I was little surprised when they put the dumbbells on their shoulders. Sure - you have balloons - that should work, right? Well, when I went up to 20 lbs the second time using my adjustable dumbbells things got weird. Therefore, I hung them at my sides and did calf raises. It worked too.

Talk about quad builders:

The side plank was nice to see - it’s a great oblique move. Of course, Sagi had to say something like:

'Watch it. You wanna look good in your bathing suit? That’s what you do. Pose! Hold it! I look good!’

'What goes up must come down’.

Then, he says:

'Nick what is that funny noise you’re making?’

Are you gonna make those faces in the pool? Try not to. And the noises - keep it at home’.

Poor Nick.

Cool down:

This is 1:55 minutes of 'catching your breath’ and stretching. Sagi says it is his 'favorite part’ but catches himself and says, 'I can’t believe I just said that!’. :)

You do some arm, leg and chest stretches which are nice but quick. I am still trying to get used to these quick warm-ups and cool downs.

At the end Sagi says:

'That was a killer.’

Nick says,

'I need a shower.’

Sagi replies,

'I’m going home to do that’.

Ay yi yi.

Final Thoughts:

  • I burned 470 calories in a little over 50 minutes doing Total Body and Abs (BEAST: Abs is only 11 minutes). As always, you can click on the photo for Garmin Connect details.

  • The workout is quick and sometimes I found it hard to keep up with Sagi when I needed to switch my weights but I made it work. There was a point where I was a few reps behind them during the presses but I caught up. You can always press pause, right? :)

  • Halfway through this the music starts sounding like The Matrix soundtrack so that was exciting. If the hubby and baby weren’t sleeping upstairs I may have cranked up the sound. :)

  • Brian (the blonde Ken barbie doll) gets yelled at a lot from Sagi. I laugh. Poor Barbie (aka: Pretty Boy).

  • I like this workout more than Beast: Cardio because it seems to work the muscles more and I burn more calories.

  • Remember that you can always alter the move if you want/need to do so. You can lift less/more, use a ball or a bench, do the calf raises with the weights at your side, etc etc.

  • I do not always wear ninja Beast Mode: ON clothing to workout. Nor do I wear makeup or have my hair down. I wake up, put on a sports bra and shorts, put my hair in a pony tail, eat a square of my homemade protein bar, and do the workout. And sweat. A lot. I was sweating during these photos - you just cannot tell. :) By the way - I had to cut the sleeves off this smedium shirt that my friend got me. :D

  • I am hungry.

  • Do this workout.

  • I need to apply more fake tanning lotion.

We barbecued for lunch (after running errands and grocery shopping) and I made the Mixed Berry Crumble I wrote about a few days ago. I actually broke out the mixer (aka: used it).

It was yummy. Berries, brown sugar and butter? Yes, thank you. However the frozen berries made for quite the liquid/soup when it was right out of the oven. It thickened up a little bit, but next time I may use fresh berries.

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