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INSANITY Max 30: Sweat Intervals

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

So, I posted a video Facebook yesterday - I took it immediately following the cool down. You can check it out here.

Nevertheless, here is my INSANITY Max 30: Sweat Intervals review!

Total Time: 30 minutes (plus 2 minutes for the cool down) Equipment: none (don’t be silly)

Shaun T starts this video with - ‘this workout is called Sweat Intervals, and you’re about to find out why’. OH HEY! THAT’S AWESOME SHAUN T!


This is just like the Cardio Challenge warm-up.

  • Chest Open Jack - arms up and they open and close as your feet go in out and out. Keep your elbows up and 'take off like an airplane’. :) Think of it like a jumping chest fly.

  • Jack Uppercut - feet open and close as you alternate arms with uppercuts.

  • 1-2-3 Knee - two steps left with a knee raise and touch, 2 steps the other way, opposite knee raise touch. Remember to reach back with the straight arm.

  • Cross Jack - feet open and cross as you alternate arms overhead. This should seems familiar since it is in INSANITY.

This is when Shaun T says he is 'really nervous’…

Jeez, I love when he does that. He does not say 'that sh*t was bananas’ though.

  • High Knee Jab - alternating arms with a front jab while doing high knees (alternating knees). 'Make sure your punch has an ending point’. (Extend your arms).


Then, the screen says 'water break’ but Shaun T says 'GET BACK HERE’. So really, no water break. However, you do get some quick stretching/jogging it out for a few seconds. Oh Shaun T. I love when you tease - no.

Circuit 1:

  • High Jump Cross Right - jump up and cross punch right.

This makes me feel like an awesome punching jumping bean fighter.

  • Squat Lunge Left - squat and then go into a lunge with left leg back. Repeat.

AND THERE GOES SHANITA. She’s 'maxed’. Haha, I love her. It is good to have someone normal people can relate with.

  • Push-Up Punch - do a push-up and then punch left arm out, push-up, punch right arm, repeat.

These are just terrible in the last round.

REPEAT IT (with the other arm/leg)!

These people are maxing out fassssssssst:

REPEAT IT AGAIN (third time) but with the following moves:

  • Moving Jump Cross - you jump up and move side to side while doing the cross punch.

  • Squat Lunge Alternating Legs

  • Push-Up Punch (alternating arms)

Shaun T goes and tries to make friends by pushing on Jessica’s back:

HOLY COW SHAUN T takes a water break!? ;)

Circuit 2:

  • Moving Squat Jab - two jabs while jumping and land into a squat. Move the other way, jab, jab, squat.

'This ain’t hop scotch home girl’.

  • Wide Pike-Ups - feet wide and bounce them in and out.

My pike-ups started to get rather slow at this point.

  • Hurdle Drill - start in a hurdle position (lunge while touching the ground) then hop up while switching feet. Be sure to yell 'MAX’ while you’re jumping.

REPEAT THIS circuit!

Repeat this circuit AGAIN. The hurdle drill tuns into jumping side to side quickly and trying not to fall over and die.

You get another water break - and then I realized WE WERE ONLY HALFWAY DONE.

I don’t even.

Circuit 3:

  • Hop Hop Runner - okay, hop hop what? You hop twice and land in a runner’s position - then you repeat this the other way. I found myself speaking in the hop hop syllables - 'what the f’. Get it? Hop hop runner. What the f.

  • Power Jump + Squat Push - you do a high jump and slap your knees, then fall into a tricep push. Yeah, okay. I really hate the power jumps.

Then, he preps you, while you are in this position, by saying 'I’m about to kill you. But you will live.’

OH JOY! :) I laughed a little.

  • Switch Kick Punch - while alternating leg kicks, you alternate punching arms. I won’t lie - I used this as a recovery and my legs could have gotten higher.


REPEAT IT AGAIN! By this time, I have the Hop Hop Runner figured out. HOWEVER - I think I may have pulled my back - or used muscles in my lats that were not ready.

I think Shanita gave up:

Nope, wait, look at this face:

Drink some freaking water. Shower your face with water.

This girl is awesome and gives her two cents and almost takes over Shaun T’s screen writer’s job.

'Just keep on going. If I can’t do one more - I do three’.


Circuit 4:

  • Free Runner Right - jump up in the air and kick your right leg back (split the legs) and land in a slight squat at the bottom.

So basically, don’t fall flat on your face but jump and split your legs.

  • Ski Ab Power Knee Right - in the plank position, step your left knee in and follow with the right knee to the opposite elbow. Yeah - right? Just climb the ground stairs. Do what I say. It looks a lot cooler than it sounds.

  • Squat Oblique Knee - alternate knee ups and turn your elbows towards it to work the obliques.

NOPE! This is the move that made my lower back so sore. Make sure you JUMP as you yank your knee up and land in a squat.

REPEAT THE CIRCUIT (switching legs)!

REPEAT THE CIRCUIT again (switch the legs halfway through Ski Runner, do full on Ski Abs - side to side knee ins, and do the back jerkers, of course).

This. Is where. I maxed out. And Shaun T wants to talk about it:

Circuit 5:

  • Burpee Lunge Right - do a burpee and come up and jump into a lunge with the right leg back. Do it all over again. ERMAGERD. We might as well as a back flip too.

  • Hit The Floor - well this one I know from INSANITY. However, he wants you to jump high in the middle as you alternate hands touching the ground.

  • Cross Jack Jab - legs cross and then you punch right left. Repeat. Yell - ONE TWO! However, the second and third time through you yell MAX OUT as you punch.


For the last time through (because I think he forgot the order):

  • Hit The Floor

  • Burpee Lunge Alternating Sides (for the lunge)

Then, you make a circle with everyone…

  • Cross Jack Jab - yell 'MAX OUT’ as you punch.

How can you not love this guy?

Cool Down:

  • This is two minutes of sweaty jogging, inhaling the arms up and down, alternating shoulder stretches, reaching to the floor, rounding out your back, lunging right and left while tapping the floor….

….I think I am still doing circuits…

My Final Thoughts:

  • Scott is our lovely modifier again:

  • For the record - Shaun T is sweating. And yelling.

And he has snot comin’ out of his nose. But he guesses that’s part of the job. Yes, Shaun T, I have snot and sweat coming out of my nose.

  • One of my favorite moments is during the last time of the first circuit, when Shaun T moves in a circle during the Wide Pike-Ups so he can look at ya through his feet.

I see you Shaun T.

  • Shannon (?)… THIS GIRL… she makes me mad.

So does Sarah. They are super intense and are like the Tanias of the video. I am not spelling anyone’s name right.

  • Garmin Connect indicates that I burned 309 calories and I stayed in my zone 2 and sometimes 3 which is great - especially for muscle building.

I did this workout later in the afternoon on my day off (as you heard in my video) while my daughter was napping. It is hard for me to muster up energy that late - especially after a Bubble Tea smoothie and some super sore muscle from lifting. :) NEVERTHELESS, this is definitely a great at home HIIT cardio to get you sweating and challenge you as an athlete.

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